People quitting arena matches

hi all we have all quit a game or 3 of halo but is it me or is there a lot of people quitting arena games wether it’s FFA or team slayer?? I know people have been having a few problems getting lagged out…its happened to me but it cannot be our end at fault every time and its starting to ruin the game as you have uneven teams in slayer or 4 or 5 in FFA and it’s not worth playing the seems that as soon as 343i sort one thing out another thing goes wrong. For me and quite a few in the EU/UK have put up a lot and I’m starting to lose interest very quickly with halo as I’m not the best player about but I do like the game… thoughts people???

I just played two warzone games and half the team quit and we got trapped in the base. I don’t understand why someone would spend all that money , play the online, and because the team isn’t winning they quit. It makes the game hell for those who actually like playing. But I do think that the way the weapons are req’d out its lopsided. I mean the other team gets a tank and banshee’s before the other side gets a ghost. Seems odd.