People quiting in Pre-Game team Throwdown

Anyone else see this a lot? I go into a Team Throwdown lobby, and first problem: Maybe one of my teammates has a mic. Come on guys, it’s a competitive playlist. You need to communicate! The next and serious problem. Someone bails. Before the game has even started. There is no join in progress (Yay) but that also means you just screwed your team. And when one player bails, another bails. Usually form the same team. Suddenly, before the game has even started, it is a 4 on 2. No reason to stay in the game if you’re one of the 2.

Back in Halo 3, in playlists such as team slayer, you would not DARE quick. Even if your team was getting destroyed, you would stick it out. Because of the 1-50 ranking, you knew that quitting would penalize you much more than taking a loss. Halo 4 competitive, going down one flag cap means your teammates will bail because who cares. No penalty. Halo 3 players had so much respect for playing and finishing the game. Heck, people always had mics and were so much more polite and willing to work together to get the W! Those days are gone I guess :confused:

Got off subject a bit, but I needed to rant

What? You mean the 1-50 was beneficial to MM? No way…

Ok, seriously. I agree. Not only would the 1-50 system stop games from being completely lopsided (one of the main reason for quiting in H4), but it also kept players in the game because something was on the line.

ill get this problem 3/5 games and i hate it. its the only playlist i enjoy playing.