people paid 60 bucks to be afk/quite every match?

I don’t know what’s wrong with the halo community but geez, you people are loco. you shoud of just rented the game to play the campaign.

I don’t know how much longer in going to be able to take playing with this crappy community

not all of them might be quitters, there have been quite a few instances of random disconnects

how come this disconnect problem doesn’t happen to me?

Welcome to the new wave of gaming, playing for unlocks.

Sometimes you can’t quit after a match or try too late. Or maybe things pop up in their lives? You know… because things are more important than gaming

What’s $60 these days? Gallon of milk and a dozen eggs runs over $10. Add in bread, cereal, juices, plus assorted produce and the bill is knocking on Ben Franklin’s door quick.