People on my FL are playing Halo again

It feels so awesome. There are around 9 or so people playing Halo 4 getting ready for the weapon tuning. Will this be the update to bring some people back?

I never thought people on my FL would come back considering most play COD, but I was wrong. Come on 343, don’t let us down. Anyway can’t wait for tomorrow.


There most likely be a slight increase in the population for the next couple of days and then it will most likely dip back down to where it is now. I know i am going to play halo 4 a lot today to see how the new update goes, but at the same time weapon balancing is only one of many issues that prevents me from enjoying this game to the fullest.

I think it will bring back people for a time. However, I believe some of the other problem spots will throw people off. Still, I’d like to be wrong.

I’m also quite hyped. I’m not sure if anybody I know will come back to Halo because of the update alone, but my brother-in-law seems slightly intrigued… But then again, these days he seems to play only games where he has a full team.

Personally, while I’m not enthusiastic about the LR losing even more teeth than it had previously in mid-range combat with its reduced unscoped ROF, I’m curious to see how the increased ROF while scoped in will affect my gameplay. Since the start, LR has been my precision weapon of choice, and by now I’ve become fairly accustomed to scoping in even for mid-range combat. This update though will have me thinking more about whether or not to use Firepower as a perk, since right now it’s only necessary if your style prefers an automatic and a precision of any class.

Also, I’m stoked to test the suppressor, which has always been my favorite automatic, and if it weren’t for its un-tuned pitiful state, might have been my favorite loadout weapon. I just hope I can burst-fire with it now and actually kill something without having to default to early Melee-ing or outstrafing DMRs.

The Carbine will certainly show some use from me. It’s just such an awesome-sounding weapon and intimidating if you’re skilled with it. It’s been one of my favorite weapons since the beginning, but I’ve only used it on-and-off through the months since it’s been not so great at killing. Got 16 assists with it the other day, actually.

All-in-all, I’m hoping I can finally play this game without distressing over my reduction of optimal choices in weapon selection.