People not playing? I now know why

Escharum on legendary is far to hard. Is hard to type this without using expletives but it’s stupidly hard especially with the puny weapons lying about on the second phase, plasma rifle? Oh yeah that’s such a good weapon against this boss with tonnes of health and the ability to jump across the level in an instant.

Who actually tests this stuff?


Run around the room in the side hallways, there are plenty of rocket launcher, skewers, sniper rifles, just about everything you could possibly need.


Plenty? A rocket launcher with 2 rocks? That isn’t plenty.


You think lots of players have decided not to play the game because the final boss of the campaign on the 2nd hardest difficulty is too hard for them? That’s before taking into account most games have a fairly low player completed % anyway.

I found Escharum to be pretty easy.


Two Rocks you say? Merry and Pippin could kill Escharum with two rocks. Why can’t you?


Well send them round to mine

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Super easy fight, i played on heroic. Was super anti climactic. Jega the wraith commander and BASSUS were waaay tougher

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So you didn’t even play it on the difficulty mentioned?

Your point?
When I do my legendary run the encounter design will remain the same.
If a mangler and a br can beat him on heroic don’t see how legendary will be much of a hard time with shock rifle and spnkr.
Not that it makes a difference. The fact is the argument is illogical either way. How is Escharum on legendary the root of population issues.
Not to mention theres no plasma rifles in the game and the pulse carbine shreds shields.


all bosses are just damage sponges. the campaign in general is really lacking a lot and a symptom of todays entertainment industry: just recycled stuff selled again with a new lable, like star wars 7 (don’t get me wrong: halo infinite is way worse in this regards than star wars 7)


The trick to close quarter combat with bosses in Infinite is grapple across the room, shoot until they get close, grapple to new area, rinse and repeat.

Pick your equipment uses and your shots very carefully and try not to waste too much ammo or allow the enemy’s shield/health to regenerate.

Use grenades a little more strategically instead of just tossing them all like in MP, sometimes a grenade will buy you enough time to keep the enemy’s shield low so you can find more ammo or a Canister to toss.

Hopefully, you are collecting Cores and your Equipment is leveled up as much as you can. This will make the tools you can use more efficient including your shielding.

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Escharum is a cakewalk compared to Legendary Hunters or Legendary Chieftens, especially when you’re not conveniently rocking power weapons.


Right? Like this guy is in for a surprise when he encounters “the chieftain.”


Needler my best friend.
Needler and Thruster and Grapple.

I had no issues getting past that boss on Legendary, it wasn’t that bad tbh. Some of the Hunters were harder.
And Legendary is supposed to be difficult, that’s the point.

Have to tried Saving that Red Energy sword from the previous boss.

Once he goes into the mode where he rushed you switch to the dodge ability and hit and dodge it drops his health fast even in legendary

And here I was thinking I had to fight him with two sticks and a rock.

Was that meant to be Craig? :smile:

He was the last Brute to make it off Doisac. The fire of a dead world in his eyes. :eyes:

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There are plenty of ways to beat his second phase. Fusion Coils everywhere. There’s a Skewer, plenty of Shock Rifles, and Disruptor DoTs are very good at whiddling down that HP bar.

Not to mention the Blade Master Sword you can bring in from the previous battle. It knocks off crazy amounts of health and stuns him when you attack during phase 2.

I found the tank gun Easter egg really helped :rofl: