People Needed for 3D Animated Halo Fan Movie


This is a Halo fan movie, and as so, we are looking for a cast of people that are incredibly invested in the lore of Halo, as well as a knack to create some great content!

Here are some details you might want to know:

  • Benefits include, and are not limited to, full credit, non-toxic environment, and the most important part, a creative atmosphere to display your ideas. - We understand that you pour all of the love and sweat into your hobby, so we are willing to give a pay range. (Will depend on overall quality) - Each responsibility is incredibly important to this production, meaning no need to feel unneeded! You are an important cog in this machine!Please keep in mind that this is for the halo community! This is supposed to be a relaxed and fun project to be able to bond over. But overall, we should all have fun with it.

We have read, understood, and will comply with all of the rules and terms of service from the, “Game content Usage Rules” under Microsoft’s copyright agreement.


  • When applying for any of the roles provided below, please contact by our email. Attempting to achieve contact from any other way will result in no response. - Also when applying, keep these in mind…

  • Individual’s work must be of quality when it comes to the completed product, however we understand this isn’t blur studios. - Individual shows some kind of previous work or proof of quality through contact. - Individual shows a level of professionalism overall, however exceptions can be made during the production. Besides, we are only human. - Do not spam our Email as it will result in no response.Please note: There is no requirement for an education, certifications, or experience, but keep in mind It may help as credit.

  • Must know/ be able to learn the expansive halo lore. - Must be over the age of 16 - Please avoid being offensive in any way, this is a friendly project.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Open Positions:

Story Team:

  • Story writers - Your job is to be able to creatively drive the main idea of the narrative as well as flesh out the main character(s) of the story.(MUST have extensive knowledge of the lore.)

  • Character development - Your job is to help with fleshing out characters and make the audience achieve a more emotional connection with each one.<em>___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</em>
    Artist Team:

  • Concept - Your job is to be creative with making reference art as well as concept art for visual cues.

  • Storyboard - Your job is to be imaginative in conveying each scene and angle in which visually will give a great idea for the final rendering.

  • Modelers - Your job is to take the 2D world and convert it into 3D models that represent the main design well by using references or not, as well as be able to create realistic 3D environments to suit each place in the story.

  • Riggers - Your job is to be able to create fluidity in the options of movement within 3D characters or environment…___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Audio Team:

  • We already have an amazing sound director! So if you are interested in creating any sounds/music, he would need to be notified through our email.

Editing Team:

  • Video Editor - Your job is to take all of the footage and audio and fuse it all together into the final product! You must also be able to use post processing to enhance the product further.
    Further roles…
    If you don’t have any of the skill sets above, and would still like to participate in this project, you can still email us any ideas you have that you have! Or, you can donate to us, we just need to set some things up first.
    Contact info:
    If you have any questions or you are planning to apply, you can reach us at our email:

Thanks a lot!

I don’t have the time or resources to contribute, but I wish you all the best of luck recruiting!