People need to stop being entitled whiny b*t*ches.

What is up with all the whiny s***heads in this community?
Overall 343 have done a fantastic job with Halo 5.
I have not enjoyed Halo this much since Halo 3, and that is something I am happy about.
Not all is perfect however…
The campaign was dull and a pain to get through. With the warden bosses again and again, stupid AI, revive mechanics and a terrible mess of a storyline which displeased me no end, that isn’t something I will ever praise, and if I bought the game just for that, I would pissed off fully.
Also most importantly, the LACK OF SPLIT SCREEN is disgraceful. So many people that would of got into Halo 5 would of, if that was a thing.
Nothing can replace splitscreen and the lack of it is a bad joke. Whoever thought that was a good idea probably needs the boot.
However, the Arena is a tight, fun. skill based Halo, that I am enjoying so much.
New mechanics are great, and the game still feels like Halo.
Warzone is a fresh bit of innovation for Halo, and although I don’t love it, a lot of people do.
The maps are overall pretty tight. It would be nice to see some more natural environments however.
Weapon balancing is fantastic, maybe the best in a halo game to date overall. Seriously.
Forge is the best ever.
As long as 343 keep making new arena maps to help spice it up for a good while longer, Halo 5 will go down in my memory as one of the best online multiplayer halos ever.

People need to chill and see what is good about it. it is way better than Halo 4.
I don’t understand all the hate videos on YouTube and negative forum posts everywhere.
It is almost like it is cool to jump on the hate train.
Good work 343. I have faith Halo 6 will be even better.


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Complaints about complainers is, in and of itself, a complaint. Be the change you want to see in the forums; don’t add to the problem. So long as it’s constructive, people are encouraged to give their feedback. That’s what forums are for: discussion. Divorce your rant of the emotional content and focus on the issue at hand. Present your argument along with the reasoning and evidence behind it. Anyone can post that they do not like something, tell us why and explain the logic behind your opinion. We’re all here because we love Halo. There is always going to be one thing that you want changed, or added. Present it, convince others, and most of all, be respectful of others. This place is what we choose to make it.