People LOVE infinite! (NO SERIOUSLY)

Don’t be fooled by this forum and other online communities. Does Infinite have issues? Of course it does! The game isn’t actually out yet, all we have to far is just the beta. Would you prefer to wait another month until the game actually releases or would you rather play the game now? Point made.

Also, mostly everyone really enjoy Infinite. Do not be fooled by negative comments. The people who enjoy the game are too busy playing the game. The people who have greasy chicken nugget fingers are typing away on their keyboards with no merit.

Halo Infinite is amazing and I’m enjoying my experience.
Some things that should be worked on:
-Lower respawn times
-Map design needs to be catered to HCS/Esports
-Optimize the game
-Ban system needs a fix
-Aim assist needs a nerf, us mnk players cannot compete
-more playlists, ie doubles
-better display of ranks/ranking system


generally true, but it’s not overwhelming praise. the game only has a 72% rating on steam primarily due to its progression system, or lack thereof. it’s a pretty big deal for a huge chunk of the playerbase.


Not only does the battlepass have issues, but the shop is insanely overpriced. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun though.

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AA is low as ever. And aiming with a controller is sometimes buggy. Just with some micruadtjustments, the crosshair is sometimes bouncing around, here the evidence:

www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=sSMKdFUqg84 (replace DOT with a .)

MnK it’s in advantage imho.

AA, weapon balancing, comeback mechanics, and other fine tuning absolutely suck. But the game looks amazing, has smooth movement, feels like 3 or Reach which was pinnacle Halo imo and considering how buggy old Halo games were in comparison I’m impressed. Don’t forget all those games were made under crunch and shipped while held together with spit, prayers, and duct tape. MP was tacked on last phase of CE’s development. Remember that it was an afterthought that just happened to be pure genius.


The base game is very good. But there is so little to keep people hooked other than that. This is the worst progression system of any game I’ve personally seen, even with the fix they did by halving our xp for a single match. There’s almost no customization, and essentially none for free players. Colors are overpriced and lackluster, and a slew of missing game modes and quality of life features. If they could fix these issues I could see this game taking it’s place on top as king. But unfortunately a good game doesn’t keep people around today, people need some sort of incentive, and this game does not have it.


This. And I’m what the gaming industry calls a whale. I spent probably $2K+ on REQ packs in H5.

However, I started off infinite buying the $100 credit bundle, and the BP… I’ve yet to find anything else to spend my credits on that feels of even the slightest value. I think I bought the Kawaii sticker pack… and that’s it.

The current selection and pricing model is not even of interest for people like me who literally bought everything in the previous game.

Tbf bro it’s been 3 days…

Progression system is non-existent right now. People dont feel rewarded for playing the game which is literally rule 1 when you make a game

Customisation is all over the place because of cores. You can unlock a helmet but its for another core that your dont use. Its honestly so bad how throttled the customisation system is

As someone on console aim assist works like 5% of the time. It honestly feels like its not even on at times while other people have pin point accuracy across the map on mnkb.

Weapon balancing is atrocious. Starting loadout AR is the best gun in the game outside of power weapons. The cooldown on wall weapons is too long, literally sat waiting for 30-60 seconds for the gun i want to respawn.

No Mode select, i dont enjoy playing capture the flag where you spend 15 mins running around for it to end in a tie. I like deathmatch and control ABC modes but you can’t specifically choose what you want to play which is a big problem.

Lots of bugs and issues that ruin the experience overall. ADS lock out and hit reg issues to name a few major ones