People keep saying gameplay is great but if asked before the gameplay reveal no one would want it

Before the gameplay reveal and before any leaks no one had a clue what the gameplay was ganna be like. Some thought they would finally remove Sprint. Some thought the thruster pack would stay.

If you were to ask the average fan what they wanted in the new Halo

Sprint,clamber, and slide would not be it. I never heard of any asking for this specific gameplay. I never heard anyone asking for the grapple hook either. If you were to put out a poll I dont think people would’ve voted it for it either back then. Sure in halo 5 there were a lot of new things but they were new. Not old concepts like the grapple hook that’s been used in other games already. In my opinion. The way this game is setup now is the last version of Halo I would make.

To me “back to the roots” is full on classic Halo. It’s what i expected. The live stream on the day of the gameplay reveal tells all. The moment the guy went to Sprint the entire chat lit up.

I think a lot of people are just putting up with the gameplay because it’s a new game. I think a lot people think they have fun with it simply because they hated what was in the last game. I think a lot of people are just use to the generic Sprint,slide, clamber from other games which in turn feels like “fun”.

I suppose when making a game you have to consider what made the previous iterations popular, but what will also resonate with modern gamers.

I always said I’d never ever want sprint in a Halo game, I thought it ruined the pacing, but the version of sprint we have in Infinite is great. I can’t believe they finally balanced it.

Clamber is great too. My favourite addition to H5 and I’m so glad they kept it.

I think this is the worst balanced Sprint there is. I never wanted Sprint either and the only reason I came back to Halo was because halo 5 balanced it properly with the shields not regening when shot at.

The Sprint is also slow now making it feel like an aged shooter. Not really modern. A modern shooter is fast and fuild. Halo infinite is slow and clunky. The only thing that feels good is the bank slides.

big disagree.

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And? You say this like its a bad thing. Sprint is extremely common in video games these days, not even just the shooter genre.

Infinite feels pretty close to classic halo with a few modernizations and tweaks. Gone are the loadouts of 4, and the more egrigious abilities of 5. You can grand stand and take absolute stances on features, but if people are having fun, people are having fun.

Maybe many people’s stance on sprint was more tied to previous implementations, and given the often black or white stances on the internet, didn’t realize there was a middleground.

I do not like this game. Do not get me wrong. While primarily a campaign player I think this is garbage. Its store and progression system for MP are terrible. Its maps are bland and repetitive and the way it handles playlists is laughable bad. Collision is also a great concern. Despite all that I still find its MP fun.

The community when talking about Infinite are just weird. They’re always like the Multiplayer is fun… “but”… then lists several issues.

I actually find myself saying “this is game is so bad” while I continue to play it, who knows why lmao

Anyway, I’ve had the pleasure of playing Infinite with Sprint and Clamber turned off, and it’s a lot better game. The maps (while not the best) are not too large, though, the jumps are WAY too much centered around Clamber. However, if you set gravity and jump height to accommodate for that map design, then turn up movement to %110 which is similar to Sprint speed,… now you have a Halo experience where movement is balanced and you can make smooth plays while making jumps.

And, you’re right, people are so used to Sprint and Clamber, that when you have this turned off, you constantly assume your jump to a ledge will grab ahold or you try and Sprint to get away from fights. - Oddly enough, the game plays faster without Sprint on. Additionally, Slide is another topic, because some claim it adds skill gap, but really, glitches and random movement hacks should not be part of the skill gap determinant.