People in vehicles

It must be only me that thinks that they ruin the game? nothing worse than a person who cant help but get out br’d/dmr’d by you jumping in a ghost and repeatdly killing you while you’re 1 on 1 with someone else, yes you can blow them up but if i could count my deaths ive got while trying to destroy a ghost it would probably half … im not trying to say im amazing or anything and i know it has been the same in every halo, but atleast in H3 you had team brs where there was no vehicles

rant over preparing to get flamed by 12 year olds who get all their kills from ghosts… ok go!

  1. Use cover

  2. Use Power weapons

  3. Use vehicles yourself

any questions?

  1. use cover - so i now have to stay inside for the entire game?

  2. power weapons - yes a viable way to blow them up but how many times have you died spawned with a power weapon?

  3. vehicles myself - id rather play with a bit of skill rather than speeding round the map finger held on the trigger,killing everything in sight because nothing you spawn with can kill you before you kill him

seriously it’s not that hard to kill a ghost with just a br/dmr.
cover does not mean staying inside. there are rocks.

stop playing big team slayer then

If anything its too easy to get rid of vehicles. You can spawn with a plasma pistol and sticky grenades now so stopping vehicles is pretty easy. And in most cases (unless its a scorpion or a wraith) you can take vehicles down just by shooting them with your dmr, br, lightrifle, etc. Ive taken down ghosts, banshees, and even mantises (mantisi,manti? whatever the plural would be lol) with just my rifle before. Sure it will probably take all your amo but its better than being killed by them over and over.