People do remember that whole global pandemic thing, right?

Don’t get me wrong, some poor choices were certainly made, but why do I keep seeing people complaining that they “had 6 years to make this game and it’s still not finished!” If you think about it, they had 4 years, basically, plus two years of pandemic time which was probably full of delays and miscommunication and difficulties shifting to work at home, etc. etc.

Not to mention that 6 years ago they might not have started working on the MP right when the game was announced. They may have worked into the campaign for a long while well before the MP project began.

That doesn’t mean the game isn’t barebones; it is. But I’m just saying there is a valid reason why it is, that nobody could’ve easily seen coming. The only solution would’ve been further delays, which would only postpone user feedback and likely result in a worse final product a year from now when the game would be released.

EDIT: Y’all do know how to read, right? I said in two separate points above that they did make poor choices and the game is lacking content. Then you guys turn around and reply “That’s not an excuse for making poor decisions and lacking content! Boy I’m so smart.” Read the friggin’ post before you make a meaningless comment lol


Poor… absolutely poor excuse. These decisions were made well before the pandemic was a thing. Enough with the enabling. They’ve done this for a decade now. This is nothing new.


Eh, I disagree with that. I think 4, and even 5, were far better than this in terms of being complete games on release.


Yes there is a global pandemic, but other companies have released excellent games full of content content in the same period. Forza Horizon 5 to name just one.


The pandemic does not give them the excuse of only having three PVP playlists at launch. It does not excuse them from awful monetization practiciesand prices. It does not excuse them from implementing an awful challenge system.

Yes, the pandemic delayed a lot of things, but you know what? The decisions were probabaly made well before the pandemic. This was supposed to release a year ago, but after their gameplay reveal they were embarrassed.

Never forget Craig.


Yeah… even if they only had four years for this there is no excuse for lack of core features especially considering their budget compared to all the other big games out. They only had 2 years for Halo 4 and 3 years for Halo5 (plus they were working on MCC at the same time). Both launch complete, Flawed, but complete (except 5s forge). Bungie never had any longer than three years and they weren’t just trying to implement features they were actually inventing and creating features like matchmaking and game filters that would later become the foundation for every multiplayer game to follow. It’s not like 343 set out with some grand vision to make the greatest game ever. They literally tried to recapture the Halos of old for nostalgia bait and failed.


Go tell that to the nurses working in ICU‘s.
Jesus, stop putting games devs on such a high pedestal.
Yes it’s complex but it’s just a job, it‘s heavily compartmentalized, it‘s digital and it‘s also not their first rodeo.
If they can‘t keep tabs on folks working from home, it‘s not our fault.


You missed the point. Halo 5 had a lack of content at launch and Halo Infinite is going to have even less content at launch. Pandemic has nothing to do with it and many dev’s these days are working remotely and are doing fine. They’ve had since 2012 to get things right and had plenty of time to look at feedback from the community like people like TheActMan, etc… on how to get a Halo game right and respectful and they choose to go in the opposite direction.

They also had complaints in Halo 5 about the gambling system being predatory and they know that irritated people and then they added pay to elements in Halo Spartan Assault and then they continued to do the same with Halo Wars 2 Blitz despite the complaints then they decided to add predatory systems again in Halo Infinite.

To be blunt they should have delayed the game further and taken feedback. They got Q/A testers doing this for ‘free’ and gave us multiple flight tests and choose to ignore the complaints and force a release date for a game that is not ready. How anyone can think the current ‘early access’ game is ready is ridiculous.


Okay, but how does that affect my point at all? My point is people are acting like they had 6 full years when they didn’t. Whether a different studio made a different game in the same time frame or not doesn’t really mean anything regarding that point.

No it doesn’t and I said that already. The point was that people keep complaining that the game is “unfinished” due to the limited content but forget that most of the content is the last thing the studio would develop: maps, game modes, and playlists are all things that would be done when the game is all but finished already. Thus, essentially losing two years of quality development time would realistically hamper that content. Not saying it’s fine, they absolutely need to fix it, just saying it makes sense and people should understand that.

No it’s not ready, but that’s my point. All of the things you just talked about are core decisions they made early on; bad decisions, agreed, but they have nothing to do with my point. People are saying this game is unfinished because there’s so few maps, modes, and playlists available. My point is the development of those was likely very hampered by the pandemic since those are some of the latter things the studio would work on, after already completing the core game elements.

That doesn’t mean it’s okay that there’s so little content, they definitely need to add more. Just means it makes sense, and people should consider that.

I find these conplaints hillarious.

Monetization a problem? Unless people learn to vote with their vallet nothing will change. Sales needs to see hard data that macrotransactions are not welcome, yes macro. People should stop calling it micro.

Playlist, yes its not ideal and will be addressed but that tone people express how bad it is… is kind of sad.

The bones of the game are really good unlike games like 20-42 fps…

People stop acting like they put out a game which is unplayable. I am 100% sure that the biggest complainers sank 100+ h in the game already… for a free game with no pay to win it is still a lot of good stuff for the players.

And on top of that 343 hears you and is willing to do changes you cry about.

Just give them a break already and let them work and also enjoy Xmass with their loved ones …

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Yes charging $20 for a helmet and not having a Team Slayer playlist in a Halo game is surly the fault of a virus.

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This. Too much vitriol regarding a recreational activity when during the Delta wave in India they were converting quarries into makeshift crematoriums to burn the COVID dead.

Have a beer, take a deep breath and then frag some randos.

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We have flight tests, market data, and 343 cm posts saying otherwise.

Depends. IMO I think that they should have delayed everything at the start of the pandemic to around this time next year, cut the older gen and focus on giving the best full experience they could, and if they could do that with the older gen, more power to them, but thats a tall order.

Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Reach were all made in half the time each and had significantly more content on launch. Fake pandemic or no, this isn’t an excuse. Especially when we’re talking about a paid product. Before anyone mentions the new slipspace engine, there’s evidence to suggest it’s just a modification of the Halo 5 engine, which was a modification of every previous engine. There’s nothing wrong with that but I doubt that as much work on the engine has been done as we are expected to believe. In short, this looks to be yet another case of developer mismanagement. Hopefully the game improves but that will likely take a while, in the mean time the player count will dwindle. No, the game wont die but it certainly wont grow to be as large as it could have been. This game has been maimed and that saddens me because it could have been better.


So just a piece of my mind. The reason they’re monetizing this game so much is due to the fans. The game was due to release last year until the community out cry. That’s a year of income gone. They’re going to do everything in their power to recoup that year of lost income. Had this released on time I feel we wouldn’t be dealing with the high cost for all of this and I really doubt that mp and sp would have been released as separate entities

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Unfortunately, that viewpoint doesn’t work. As long as tgere are 10 year olds that have access to their parents credit cards, these practices will be wildly successful regardless of the general consumer base. That’s why these tactics are considered predatory. They target people who don’t have ability to discern whether or not they SHOULD make a purchase.

I would recommend to dust out the old records about Halo 5 as one of the core criticisms with Halo was was in fact that the game didn’t launch as a complete product. Few examples of this is that Arena did only feature 5 playlists Team Arena, Slayer, Breakout, FFA and SWAT. Out of these playlists, known of them where big team battles any many core gamemodes where missing at launch like Infection, Grifball, BTB (possible to play but in Custom Games but appropriate maps where lacking) and Oddball. In addition to that, the game did also have many bugs at launch mainly related to the req system like being unable to use reqs due to the message “Retrieving Data”.

If I remember correctly, the last Halo game that got launched complete was Halo 4 with all of its core features from day one. MCC was close but the it had many early day bugs which primarily affected matchmaking.