People didn’t want Fiesta as a permanent mode… they just wanted more than 3 playlists…

People didn’t want Fiesta as a permanent mode… They just wanted more than 3 playlists…I would rather play 10,000 games of attrition than 1 single game of sword/rocke-erm-fiesta I mean.

Add Attrition as a variant of slayer or make it its own playlist. Why would you take something so fun out when your game is anemic…

And take Quick Play out since we have team slayer now and add a “Team Objective” playlist. I mean seriously? This seems pretty common sense unless you wanna push challenge swaps and waste people’s time on quick play

Also: ::::::where is team doubles??::::::


Exactly, my best friend and I used to always play ranked doubles and it hasn’t even existed in Halo Infinite. I wonder why he quit playing the game :thinking:

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I only have one close friend that still plays and it’s only cus I do.

One of my best friends I could get a 50 in 2 nights with on halo 3 has completely quit and everytime I bring up halo infinite he says “you still play that broken -Yoink!- -yoink-? Download apex!” :frowning:

When they decided to add fiesta permanently, they should have upgraded tenrai to Super fiesta so it is still something different.

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Big team fiesta

Honestly I always thought tenrai should have been Battle rifle and swords, slayer with mixed objectives


It’s pretty sad. I get the same reaction from all my friends that play Destiny and CoD warzone.

It makes me mad because I know halo can be great, imagine good servers, halo 3’s social aspects, reach/odst style fire fight and infinite’s good core gameplay (and I’m fully okay with repetitiveness in the sandbox, I was top 10 in the world for ranked laser kills and it really pisses me off there isn’t a laser in this game, the Spartan laser, the signature Spartan weapon lol) for some random brute “laser”? The yoink?

Speak for yourself, I for one think fiesta is the best mode in the game currently.


Well, obviously I’m speaking in general terms and the opinions of people I know and meet. I’m glad you are enjoying it though

I think it’s one of those modes where people either love it or hate it.

I feel like skill is at least a good bit less notable when everyone has rockets, sword, hammer and grapple. It isn’t really fun for someone like me, who wants to dominate and have map control, but I’m sure casuals have more fun spawning with power weapons and such.

Not saying you have to be bad to enjoy fiesta. But it’s alot different and not really my thing

I quoted you but it didn’t work lol

you know, all things considered, Fiesta was a pretty lame gamemode to attach to a samurai-themed event anyways. Should’ve been something like a swords-only enhanced-shields slayer where it’s just everyone dueling it out on a 4v4 (or 6v6) map.


Agree 100%. I only play Fiesta and I don’t care about maps, just the mode.
Also, what is Tenrai? I see the words on the screen but I have no idea what it means.

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It’s a recurring week long event that has its own free battle pass. You can go up 10 levels per week. This is the 3rd of 6 weeks it will be available during season 1. You go up a level every time you complete one of the event challenges, which are mixed in with your regular challenges but you’ll notice an orange symbol designating the Tenrai event ones. Do you have to complete the challenges in the featured Tenrai mode which is just fiesta.

And if your question was actually about the background of the word Tenrai itself I can’t help you there, sorry lol

Okay thanks. I don’t do anything but play so it’s irrelevant to me.

Social → Slayer / OBJ + Attrition / Fiesta – 4v4
Lone Wolves → Slayer / OBJ – 8 Man FFA
Griffball → ?Explanation? 4v4 Hammer+Sword
Big Team Battle → Slayer / OBJ / Heavies / Fiesta - 12v12
Tactical Slayer → Add Magnums on the weapon pads – 4v4

Free For All – 8 Player Ranked
Mythic Ranked → Slayer / OBJ ------ HCS Settings — Ranked
Team Doubles → Slayer / OBJ — 2v2 – Ranked

  • That’s just for the meantime.
    I would later like to see the following added in some way → Multi-Team / HeadHunter / Juggernaught / One-Flag / Shotty Snipers / Infection / Team Regicide / Firefight built into the campaign / Warzone cause it would be sick … ect.

honest to god… & a swords only enhanced game mode would take 10 secs to make.

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So guess what, my last best friend quit halo infinite last night. It’s just me and the randoms I’ve met over the years now. Not even close HALO friends… geez

(My forum name is my Xbox name if you wanna add me lol)

We need doubles and snipers. Hire a darn team to get this game fixed if that’s what it takes. They obviously have the money if they just bought Bethesda.

Save your flagship title before it’s too late.

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