People bash discs, but...

With discs you don’t have to worry about your internet speed or data limits. You don’t have to worry about having to re-download a game because something doesn’t work, like a patch add on or something. You always have a hard copy of it. You can SELL it (a big one I feel) and some people just like to actually be able to touch/hold something that they bought.

Now I’m not against digital AT ALL, but I’m just SUPER tired of hearing people get bash for buying a disc of a game or saying there dumb to do so. You don’t know that person or there situation. Maybe they have no choice due to Internet limitations like data or maybe they just like having a disc, who knows! Discs have up sides too, as I just named a few. As does digital, but most people would like you to think discs don’t. I for one bought Halo 5 on a disc and when I get Halo 5 tomorrow before work, I’ll be very happy with my choice.

I prefer discs for the Xbox one.
It downloads so much slower than steam for me for some reason.
Also there’s great deals on discs if you don’t buy on launch day which I very very rarely do.
I did however digitally purchase halo because I wanted to play at midnight :sunglasses:

I like digital better, although there is that feeling of tangible ownership with Disks.

towards the end of my 360 days I started downloading games, there is something to be said about being able to switch games without having to locate a disc, call me lazy I know…

But with games like Halo, I want all the goodies that come with the collectors editions :slight_smile:

I’m buying digital because its just easier for me (i have no time to drive 5 miles to my nearest gamestore to get it), I’ll eventually get the disk/box because I’m trying to fill up my first bookshelf of games.

I just like to download games early is all. The way of the future. Lol.

OP hit the nail on the head. I love to have my games digital. I love only having to transport my xbox, and being able to switch on the fly. But the data limits are a killer for digital gaming. I live in a house with three other guys. This month, I downloaded Halo 5, and that has pushed our shared data almost to the limit. Next month, one of my roommates is doing the same with Fallout, and I’m probably going to wait for that game so that I don’t add to the data burden. And that’s a huge drawback, because I adored Fallout 3 and New Vegas.