People already playing halo 4?!

How the heck have people got copies of the game already? D:

Stolen copies, as far as I’m aware. We should stop discussing this now, incase any leaked content is posted.

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Good point. Stupid -Yoinks!-. Can’t wait a mere 20 something days.

>ib4 lockers<



Yeah was just showing it…


You should take those down, their leaked. Yoiu don’t wanna get banned do you?


I’m pretty sure that they’re both fake. The disc case doesn’t have a instruction manual, the main menu might be real, but I highly doubt it.

Reviewers’ Copies…


Reviewers copies, stolen copies, leaked copies. Simple as that my man. Hope that helps!

> Good point. Stupid B@stards. Can’t wait a mere 20 something days.

25 days o.0

Let’s leave this type of discussion alone, alrighty?