Penalize Quitters

With the challenge system the way it is, and the game mode options the way they are, I’m finding more and more quitters in all game modes.

I understand there’s a penalty for ranked games but it’s still crazy frustrating when you need to WIN games for a challenge and you keep getting in games where people are quitting left and right. Doing a timed penalty would certainly help this in all modes.

This wouldn’t be bad if the fill bots were at least ODST bots rather than recruit, but I haven’t really seen a fill in bot contribute anything to the game except deaths.


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I’ve had 34 games I “did not finish” all of which were crashes, not quits - and yet I’m penalised for it like I quit.

How do you know you are deal g with quitters rather than people who’s game just crashes?


Essentially what D4annStarr above me says. Meanwhile I can voluntarily quit games when a friend crashes and join others without any problem (but they themself have had two bans through no fault of their own,) so the system can’t even be called ‘working too well’ by banning everyone for any particular slight; it simply just fails to work with any consistency at all.

I think people should be penalised but only when the game is significantly more stable. Until then, there’s absolutely no point providing penalties when the game cannot determine whether someone has crashed or decided to leave of their own accord.

They need to place frequent quitters in matches with other frequent quitters. Let them play amongst themselves. Make this treatment not go away till they start playing more matches from first entering the match to finish regularly.

If you quit 10 games in day, you have yo play thirty matches straight without leaving early to get back into normal queue. The amount required to rejoin normal que goes up after set amounts of quits.

This does not go away just by waiting it out either.

No one that wants to play fun full matches from start to finish with these losers.

They could probably take the banning punishment out if they did this even.

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How to kill the game 101. Quit penalties have never worked before, what precedent do ypu have to show this worked on any game?

You have to start with WHY people are quitting before you jump straight to punishing them and driving them to play something else.

Through out playing games for 27 years online, this seems to be the main reasons people leave,“I didn’t get what I wanted, so long suckers”

“My Team is trash”, the enemy team is able to capture a flag once, or do an objective. Hell, I’ve seen plenty where they just touch the flag and people dip out then and there.
“Someone picked up the item(s) I wanted”, they seem to believe they’re the only one with rights to a weapon.
“My Teammates aren’t play the way I expect them to play when I’m on their team”

Very seldom do I see people leave for actually good reasons, and even when they claim they do, I still someone see them playing 5 minutes later on the recently played list, meaning it was nothing short of a lie.

How exactly can you fix this?

The reasons people quit most of the time is not reasonably possible to fix. They go in with unrealistic expectations and get disappointed when those expectations aren’t met… With randoms on the internet obviously, since they can’t be bothered to find friends they know they can work with but.

Actually, Quit penalties did work when TF2 added to casual with that one competitive inspired update . I would actually get full games from start to finish practically every round. The instant they removed them is when all of a sudden games started becoming unbalanced again and people were now whining for that :poop: band-aid auto balance back in the game. Which generally just meant more people would leave when forcefully pushed to the other team to compensate for the idiot who left because he’s feelings were hurt.

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