Pelican In Halo 4 Matchmaking???

Do you think adding the Pelican in matchmaking (BTB) a good idea ???

It would be cool to have a button in your base that calls in a Pelican to drop off a Warthog. As a permanent vehicle in mutliplayer, I’m not so sure it would work. You would need large maps.

What If in Halo 4 they had Battlefield sized maps??? Would the Pelican Idea work??

Yes, I think if they had that big of maps and if they increased the player cap in a certain new playlist, then it would be an excellent idea to include a pelican. I always though it would be really cool to include an infantry transport vehicle in matchmaking, and was really excited when I thought extra people could fit inside the falcon after using it in the campaign. Needless to say, I was very disappointed… :frowning:

I’ve been waiting for the pelican in multiplayer for a long long time.
I wants it nows please!!

1. This would only work with a modified Pelican that makes it easier to take down.

I remember playing with Pelicans in modded Halo CE PC (or CE Custom Edition, rather) multiplayer matches and they were pretty much impossible to take down. Of coarse, back then plasma overcharged didn’t bring down or stop vehicles and vehicles weren’t destructible. So that didn’t help. Well shot rockets and banshees were the only chance the opposing team had to bring down the non-weaponized, impenetrable, flying troop transporter.

Perhaps two sniper shots to the cockpit could break the glass and then the hatch would be open for people to shoot the pilot. I suppose things have been added to the sandbox since Halo CE like plasma over-charges, destructible vehicles, lock-on Rockets, Spartan Lasers, anti-vehicle turrets, Grenade Launchers, and Jetpacks that would make a Pelican easier to take down in a multiplayer context. Still, I’m sure 343 would have to make it much different than the campaign Pelican for it to be balanced.

2. However, all this is superfluous unless they raise the player count above 16.

I’m not saying Halo needs that, but it wouldn’t be worth making a Pelican really work in multiplayer unless teams find themselves in situations where using it actually makes sense strategically. If you were to drop a Pelican into Halo 2, Halo 3 or Halo: Reach big team battles (even if it has been multiplayer-balanced like I mentioned above) you’d turn your entire team into a giant, slow-moving target if you decide to use it. You wouldn’t have to put your whole team in there, but you see what I’m getting at. There’s no way to be inconspicuous with a huge Pelican in teams of eight. The same could be said for Scorpions or Wraiths, but Pelicans are huge, draw focus, and don’t have any primary weapons (at least not ones I have seen used in game campaigns outside of cut-scenes. I might be wrong about this, but I still don’t think putting weapons on the thing in multiplayer would be a smart choice for balance reasons.)

Only in objective matches with teams of, at least, 14 (or four teams of seven) on a huge map would the risk/reward of using a Pelican-sized carrier would be well-implemented, helpful, fun, and not suicidal. Otherwise, it would basically be like slowly flying around with your teammates in a destructible version of the Elephant (without the objective locations.)

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo it would lag so bad …
bad idea sorry Sir

> Nooooooooooooooooooooooo it would lag so bad …
> bad idea sorry Sir

Please read my above post and tell me what you think. You are right though, Pelicans could make lag awful.

Maybe Halo 5 would be able to handle such things on the next Xbox.

It would matter what size the map would be

If we had 16 on 16 then yes. We just couldn’t have it now. I mean it would sure be awesome if for example someone operated the turret in back, and you pull an awesome movie turn and your gunner starts blowing out the opposition, but not now, but definitely with bigger teams.

the idea of having a pelican on halo would be awsome but if you were going to add huge maps then you would need more than just a pelican, i would add falcons, longswords and hornets into the game as well as maybe the vultures and of course some enemy air vehicals of whatever race the enemy of halo 4 would be but a good idea for a map would be outer space as in fighting between two spacecrafts one being of human origin the other being the enemy space craft this would open up the game to a whole new style of online gaming and give the designers a much larger window for air vehicals. This would also enhance the forge players experience for if this map contained pelicans that could carry vehicals forge players ould easily make incredible maps, that is to say the designers have made an intelligent choice to keep forge

Nope. First off, the pelican travels extremely fast, so by the time you get everyone in, you’re at the enemy base in like 3 seconds. Second off, pelicans have shown to be rather durable, so it would need a bit of balancing.

Maybe if we got a map similar in size to Forge World, it would be cool to have one, but otherwise I just don’t see it working.