Pelican drop vs. Initial spawns?

On gamemodes like big team battle wouldn’t it be kinda cool to start the game off in a pelican. Then being dropped off on the map with maybe a warthog?

I think it would be cool, but i think it would be more likely to see something like that in Spartan Ops or Campaign

Kinda like the opening cinematics in Killzone 3’s multiplayer. That would be awesome

Good idea, especially for the new invasion.

Pelicans would be cool. Or drop pods.

Wouldn’t really make much sense as they’re in a simulation so they would just literally spawn in a spot.

Yea drop pods are a good idea too! And yes it does make sense even though its a simulation because a GOOD simulation would simulate how you arrive to a battle!

haha that would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Drop pods or pelicans would an awesome addition however, unlikely.

i don’t think it would work for BTB

i think it would work better for an Invasion-type playlist
it could also fit nicely into Spartan Ops, and/or Campaign

That would be a really cool addition into invasion or spartan ops.

very cool Idea but only in open-area maps

> Pelicans would be cool. Or drop pods.

Drop pods. 343 could have all of my money for that.

What I think would be amazing for BTB would be, when the round starts everyone gets delivered into the spawn point by a pelican. Anything after that would be dropped into the map in a drop pod. Similar to Battlefield Bad Company 2 where on several levels I remember you spawn in via parachuting in…

It would be pretty cool if its tiered toward a specific playlist like BTB. If it was like that in every playlist it would become pretty boring after awhile.