Will 343 be Pc friendly ?

In what manner? If you’re talking about future Halo titles being on the PC, it’s really a toss up. Halo: CE and Halo 2 were on PC’s, however everything past Halo 3 wasn’t. It all depends on what Microsoft and 343i want to do. I’d say Halo will stay Xbox exclusive and won’t be ported to PC, however it’d be nice to see some sort of Map Creator or Editor available for PC.

Isn’t Microsoft taking further steps to merge the Games for Windows and Xbox LIVE platforms though?

Most likely not. The last few games have no been released on PC and thats a good indication of the direction that Microsoft is heading in.

short answer?

In a Q and A they said Halo’s mainly a console game and they have no plans on making any of the new Halo games available on the PC, but they’re working on getting the older games ported to the PC (I’m guessing that’d be Halo 3).

its as simple as that.

> short answer?


As someone said earlier, it’s a toss up. I’ve heard that with the new Windows installment, Microsoft is going to try to merge things like Xbox Live into it (similar to Windows Phone). So there very well could be PC adaptations to future Halo titles, but nothing is confirmed at this point in time. We’ll just have to wait and see.