PC version crashes at start

Installed Halo Wars on PC a week back and it worked perfectly fine until yesterday. Now whenever I start the game a window opens with the “Halo” logo then immediately closes after 1 second with no error given. Launching it through the Xbox app or just through start menu results in the same thing.

So far I’ve tired going into App & Features settings and resetting the game but it didn’t help. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game which fixed my issue for 1 day before breaking again.

If anyone has a fix please let me know, I did look around online and found others with similar issue but no solution.

I have this frustrating issue as well. Sometimes I am actually able to load the game and sometimes I see the black window and instant “crash”. That being said, I have found a temporary workaround that works 100% of the time. It is still annoying because I never know when the game will load or crash and I have to repeat this process. Also, this only works because I have games tied to my account that are not installed on my system.

  1. Open Microsoft Store app and navigate to “My library”. (You do not have to be signed in).
  2. Under the “games” section find a game that is not installed on your system (this assumes you have a game that is not installed on your system. Killer Instinct is my example of choice because it is free).
  3. Click download (You do not have to download the game) navigate to the download section and click on pause, followed by cancel download.
  4. Close the Store app.
  5. Launch Halo Wars (It should launch)
    As I said, this process works for me 100% of the time but sometimes needs to be repeated (for whatever reason). This could be a clue to why the game refuses to launch sometimes. This process is essentially re-authentication for the apps within the Store. Could be 343 issue or Microsoft (Windows) or both.

Your method worked perfectly, Thanks Frenetic

I have this problem as well…any real solutions? the only solution i have found to work is uninstall and reinstall and then it breaks(does the same) days later. very annoying

This is an issue that needs to be fixed by 343i/Microsoft.