PC - Ultimate Edition - Never got 5 Kinsano packs

I own the ultimate edition on PC (and therefore the season pass). I got the patch today from the MS Store. The first time I ran the game, it crashed to desktop when I clicked “Continue” on the “New DLC Available” dialog. When I re-opened the game, I had Kinsano unlocked, but didn’t receive any of her 5 promised blitz packs. I know that I wasn’t “automatically” awarded the cards because all of Kinsanos unique unit cards are level 1 with no duplicates (no level up progress). How do I go about getting my packs?

Also Dev Team / Support Team / Ops Team Let me know if you need any clarification that I can provide. As a developer myself I understand how crazy some of this stuff can be. I’m just trying to ensure that I get what I paid for.

LOL I guess I need to be patient with your server structure, or else you guys just ninja fixed my problem. Either way, I just got them. Ticket resolved!