[PC]There's not enough time after letting go of Sprint to start a Slide

When Hold to Sprint is enabled, letting go of shift to press Ctrl key does not start a slide, it puts you right into crouch position. I’ve never had this problem with other games that have slide movement, as there’s usually a very short time after letting go shift that allows for a slide to be performed, without holding the shift key.

Performing a slide is very difficult with the default keybinds, because I was unfortunately born with only one pinky finger on my left hand.

Of course I could always learn to use C for crouch, or disable Hold to Sprint, but hopefully something can be done about this since relearning muscle memory is a headache.


You simply have to find a comfortable way for you to be able to press your crouch and sprint button simultaneously. My crouch button is always one of the side buttons in every FPS game I play for reasons like this, and it just feels better.

a simple solution is to disable hold to sprint. hold to sprint sucks.

no pinky is a drag. I have nerve damage in my left hand that makes it difficult to press ctrl with my pinky, so I always bind crouch to an auxiliary button on my mouse. i’d strongly recommend a mouse with extra buttons.

I use my ring finger for shift and pinky for ctrl.

They said they were only born with one pinky on their left hand. :smile:

Yep… I can’t even believe it’s an option. Just why?

Never hold to Sprint. Your putting yourself at a disadvantage

You stop sprint by simply stopping moving forward. Or by shooting.

The occasional scenario where you need to transition from sprint straight into walking can’t possibly be worth making everything else (eg. sprint to slide) more complicated.

Good point. I like hold to sprint a lot better regardless. It just feels more natural to me.

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