PC Stuttering FIX

Like many others I was encountering ridiculous stutter on PC. Some still are. A lot of it was contributed to Borderless Window, Vsync, dynamic resolution scaling, etc. I had read somewhere that if you uninstall the HD texture pack that the issue goes away. I had hesitated to do so because I really enjoy the high res textures and since I have an RTX 3080 and a 4k display it really shows them off. At my wits end I findally did so and I couldn’t believe how smooth the game now ran. I immediately realized the implication: The HD texture pack in the campaign at 4k uses MORE THAN 10GB of VRAM. This is outrageous and possibly the worst optimized texture pack in modern gaming at the moment. RDR2 doesn’t use 10GB of VRAM. Doom Eternal doesn’t use 10GB of VRAM. Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t use 10GB of VRAM even when RTX is enabled.

So if this information is out there, why am I making a new thread? The answer is that I found that the HD texture pack with texture settings in MEDIUM solved the issue. The two best options for textures are either no HD pack + Ultra textures or HD pack + Medium textures. The latter is much higher fidelity and no stuttering issues in the open world. Now there are still problems with the borderless window when it comes to lag, gsync, and the internal vsync is still broken, but at least with RTSS and dynamic scaling enabled, I can hit a solid 80FPS in the open world with minimal stutter.

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Yeah, it is crazy how much VRAM this game uses. Doom even uses ray tracing and still under 10GB.

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thank you for this. i’ve been going mad trying to figure out why it’s only halo inf thats having a problem on high setting while Destiny 2 on max is perfect graphics wise.