I know I’m preaching to the PC choir here, but I really think this game collection would benefit from a PC porting. For one thing, PCs have high graphical power, so the 1080p 60fps would look even better on it. Plus, they have nothing to lose by doing this. Heck, they’ll probably earn a lot more love by doing it. So to any employee who may be reading this, please consider a PC port.

Love always,

…Please don’t stoop to their level.

Also there is already a thread about the Platform discussion.

Did you see how the devs responded to kids that asked that question at SDCC?

All I will say is dont hold your breath because there was little encouragement to take away from their responses

Yeah, How about no. Also there’s already a thread about this.

> …Please don’t stoop to their level.

Stoop to whose level? Optimistic PC gamers? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying Halo on a platform that isn’t Xbox.

OT: Keep dreaming, OP. I wish it would happen too, but Halo is too much of a console seller for microsoft to consider a PC port. So far, this is the only real reason to buy an Xbox One.

Honestly? More PC PLZ Threads? Gah, These are just annoying, There is already a thread dedicated to this, floodig the forums where there could be useful suggestions is annoying.

There have been a plethora of PC threads, I’m pretty certain that there was a dedicated thread to platform discussion. Is it really necessary to start yet another new thread?

Anything related to remake/remaster is being put into cryo sleep after the Halo 5 Beta launches… Heh even a month before things will be kicked to high gear.

Dunno why the PC port is a special case.

As others have said, keep all PC discussion here.

This should probably be locked for the sake of consolidation as Andycu5 has stated.

This question has been asked since 2007. Nobody has done it yet. What makes you think 343 and Microsoft will change their minds?

If 343 cave and make it, then PC gamers would demand halo 5, halo would no longer be console exclusive, sales and population drop.

Halo 3, ODST, Reach and 4 were all xbox exclusive, why start now?