Pc players are god tier with no real reason

Message to 343.

I dont know why the only matter being brought up by everyone (youtubers,commenters etc) is the progression system. Glad to see someone else already made a similar topic to this,in here.

step 1 open xbox one
step 2 start a game
step 3 get pwned by pc players for no reason
step 4 …?!

pc players have a huge advantage at the moment, in every game i play if a player has double score or better (ex 30kills 10 deaths) is playing from a pc 90% of the time, the other 10% is xbox series players.
Literally they have crazy movement aka strafe because of keyboard, crazy aim because of mouse better performance (fps). On top of that you give controller players like what almost non existent aim assist?!
Why?Do you not want console players to play Infinite?!
Killing someone(or getting killed by someone) after shooting at him and he runs behind cover then 1 second after he covers his self he gets killed, how is that possible?

oh if your answer after reading this(in your mind) is git gud kid, well that would mean that there is no more room for console players in infinite.

There are many more issues that i am probably forgetting to mention right now about how advantageous pc players are and that many more about core gameplay issues like the getting killed behind cover.But this will be it for now.

Check the collected data to find out if am telling the truth about pc players being on top in every match.

I am not a hatter or something, i love Halo.I ve been playing for more that 10 years, i like Infinite but it cant let me play it when i get lasered every time from pc players.Am playing MCC mostly Reach multiplayer and the difference between pc and console in that game is almost not noticeable (except crazy flying banshees i guess). Dont get me wrong in mcc they also have advantages but not in the same degree.

Right now i became an expert whenever a player kills me i can already tell if he is a mk player without seeing his profile.

Whatever.Bye.Please do something.


A Pc and Console player here –

You make some decent points, but your title is not the most accurate.

Even other PC players get dunked on,

The game is a game, halo was always about skill, this isnt COD nor is it Battlefield,
I do agree with the fact that PC and Series do probably have a slight advantage,
4k 120hz is a massive upgrade from 1080p 60 (Or Lower, haven’t tried Infinite on an original yet)
realistically they need to add a Cod-Like Toggle, like they already have in ranked,
Console will stick with Xbox - Xbox / Cloud
PC will be with PC
but allow crossplay to be a thing that has a toggle not always on or off

i get your frustration, and i could rip your comment to shreds (“Literally they have crazy movement aka strafe because of keyboard, crazy aim because of mouse better performance (fps).”

Mouse performance isn’t thanks to their FPS its thanks to moving on a 2d plane not a 3d one, making aiming easier (try playing with your settings on your console to get what is better for you)
console can strafe too, its about the same for both, just on console its slightly harder thanks to the stick (slightly)

the kill behind cover is probably a mix of it being a beta and being a netcode issue (i get it in MCC when it puts me against other regions)

I’m not saying your bad, the game is for everyone, though coming back to the PC being godly, than no, it isn’t a simple fact that there are more things than just PC players being better (PC has always had a high amount of FPS players and more competitive players than console, especially now we have Val, R6, CSGO e.t.c.)

if im trying to say anything its that the game is for all, you get beat? stand up and go again, ive done 1v3 on console and won, console is the home of halo, and this problem was always going to come to light.

my advice?

truthfully come and play, sure youll get killed by someone better or someone who might have an andvantage, but when that advantage is off-set by the ones you have, then dont cry that theyre better, play to your strengths.

also aim assist is either great or horrible, so take your pick there.

your friendly neighborhood spartan –


As a M&K PC player I still agree with you. There NEEDS to be more aim assist on controller. There are two solutions to this.

Short Term: Implement a feature that allows you to segregate players by input and system aka the ability to remove cross-play.

Long Term: make meaningful adjustments to the aim-assist.


M&K PC players have a huge advantage. Those of us that play controller are at a disadvantage to both M&K and Xbox players currently as aim assist just doesn’t function all the time.


I don’t know what advantage everyone is talking about… When I try to play mkb I can’t hit the broadside of a barn, but controller is decent.

It has nothing to do with planes, I don’t know where this argument came from. It’s pointer input versus directional input. A mouse is always is always going to be more accurate (ignoring aim assist) because you’ve a larger space to work with.

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re “looking for” or “doing” in open-crossplay with XBOX.

Solo & Duo = Gamepad only will be the mode with 90% of the players and where the E-Sports scene will happen.

Solo & Duo = KB & Mouse, if you have 5% of pc players it is a lot going to be a graveyard that way

Open-Crossplay = This is where you will play on PC against some “curious” or “dismissed” xbox players who enter that mode to kill time.

Play gamepad only mode I don’t know what you’re doing wasting time in cross-play

Hahaha good joke, more aim assist, controller is already broken in close to midrange encounters, which is 99% of ranked, and like 80% of BTB.

Aim assist is practically cheating in this game.