PC players allowed to choose optimal servers

I’m sure as all of you are aware,
A well known competitive halo player by the name of Royal something was previously caught “Cheating” and suffered the repercussions. But what all of you might not be aware of is that what he did (which Halo publicly called cheated) is what every player using a PC (excluding tournaments) is given the ability todo with no repercussions ……which is too be-able to manipulate the halo server files into only placing them into optimal servers & control the ping
For anybody unaware or too ignorant to understand the advantage this brings to a competitor than go and read halos “NA Competitive Ruling” news article explaining why royal 2’s violation is technically cheating as stated here

  • “there was a direct modification of files giving Royal 2 an unfair competitive advantage during play. “
    Please let me make it clear, the only reason this player was incarcerated was not because he modified the game file but because he modified it while in a professional gaming tournament. Meaning 343 has the audacity to publicly announce this as cheating only because it effected a professional event but do not consider this cheating for regularly played ranked/social/W.E. games……WOW

-Just thought I would let the already frustrated console players know another reason to be frustrated with this joke of a “Competitive Game”

P.S. #inb4 the PC players start arguing that this is not only for them.

  • Yes Consoles players technically can do a version of this server manipulation, but it requires reconfiguring your whole network and using costume devices that a majority of ISP do not provide….which would take a person with average networking knowledge about a week before successfully doing what a PC player can do in 5 simple mouse clicks .
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Out of curiosity, is there a link proving that this said Royal player really managed to modify these files on the server? I mean essentially that’s quite a drastic security leak on 343 / Microsoft’s end.

It’s also pretty strange that if what you mentioned here really is possible, why 343 /Microsoft doesn’t do that normally to all players to begin with (meaning to put them onto low ping servers).

Bro what are you on about? All you have to do is copy and paste the list of Microsoft Azure servers you don’t want to connect to, in your Wi-Fi Router admin panel. Virtually every router can block addresses. I use mine to block common ad sources so I can watch YouTube and Roku with no ads. It’s not a crazy hack only PC players can do. Anyone with a router can add Azure servers to block.

All this does is it prevents you from connecting to other servers, which makes it harder for you to find games, and makes playing with friends worse for them, because the matchmaking fails until you get a match in your unblocked region, so they suffer. That’s why it was cheating in a tournament, because he forced other players to join his Azure server region, and they had bad ping.

If you play solo, it’s not an issue. If you play with friends in your region, it’s not an issue. If you play with friends outside your region, then you’re being a burden to their gaming experience and they won’t want to play with you anymore.


For one, he straight up admitted it on Twitter. He was modifying it to play better matches in general and claims he forgot to disable it prior to the official matches.

It wasn’t anything modified on the server though. Basically, there is list of server IP addresses in a file somewhere in the game files. All they do is go in and remove the IP addresses of all the servers that aren’t favorable for them to play on. I’m pretty sure it’s still breaking some part of the ToS or EULA but it’s relatively minor on that scale since it generally doesn’t impact opponents much.

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I wish, all the games I play seem to be on a Central American or Australian host, I rarely get one that feels right on my end


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It’s the opposite. Windows has a hosts file that can be used to block addresses, and you add domains you want to be blocked. Schools use this to block websites from kids. Gamers use this to block servers like Microsoft Azure servers too. Works for Infinite, MCC, any game that uses Azure servers. It’s not a hack or anything wild. It’s just illegal in tournaments because you’re forcing people in the match to play on your own server region, and it’s bad for friends in your party too. It’s selfish, and only should be used for solo players.

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It’s not in the game files. It’s a HOSTS file on your PC that’s sort of like a firewall, but for specifically overriding web connections, such as IP addresses and URLs, to different locations.

Basically, the game checks the list of servers that it uses to match players, and if your device can’t connect to one server, whether that be due to your distance from the server or some kind of networking restrictions (i.e. like modifying the HOSTS file on PC), it will try pairing you with another server. Someone else posted the reddit link, but you aren’t actually modifying game files.

This doesn’t seem very fair to me

I like mcc has European servers but if I select those I can’t get a match due to low population

I hope infinite is putting me in European servers but I can’t tell

So, he got in trouble for doing something that should be in the game by default? This is literally built into MCC. You can check what regions you want to play in. I don’t want to play against people in other regions. It’s not fair and causes problems like desync, stuttering, etc… why would anyone get banned for this?

Man the amount of misinformation in here is nuts. You all need to read his statement on his Twitter and HCS’ statement about it too. It is bannable, but he did it in their scrims and forgot to change it back for the actual tournaments. The ban was more about the principle of the rule than just to do the ban because of a ban.

It was because he didn’t tell anyone, and did it in a tournament, forcing all other competitors to have bad ping, while he had great ping. Unlike MCC, you’re blocking everyone in your party’s access to other servers, because it fails if one player doesn’t connect. MCC won’t enforce servers when playing in a party with people in other regions.


Nothing like a little conjecture overhyping common VPN style services to rile players into a frenzied witch hunt against a portion of the playerbase that’s already vilified due to hyper inflated misunderstood assumptions about these players whom a majority of which use their PC’s like console players use their consoles: as simple game consoles.

The method you posted can absolutely be accessed and it can be abused, but as you pointed out console players can achieve a similar outcome as well. Much like cheats and exploits, modified hardware and software there isn’t a single player out there on any platform who can’t access unfair advantages in some way, shape or form. Does this mean this is so common that it’s ruining the entire experience? Absolutely not, you deal with the people that are and you move on.

Gotta love when people just start saying so much bs because they can’t be bothered as to why he was banned in this context and why the solo que players are not. At least some people in this forum actually look things up before the write

Another reason why the players need to have the ability to turn crossplay on and off. I’m so sick of this PC advantages - that’s why I stopped playing warzone and now halo :pensive:

Not to mention 100% against the rules.

I honestly don’t get why folks are trying to defend the dude who did this. He knew it was against the rules, did it anyway, and probably cost his team majorly at Raleigh as a result. Not to mention it’s just straight-up cheating.

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But this doesnt affect you in any way . When a pc player is using this method, it only means that his matchmaking will be forced to only let him play matches on the chosen servers. Others are not forced to play on his servers.

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Like I said above, any router can do this, so Consoles and Game Pass Cloud players can use it too. It just prevents you from joining other servers, and isn’t an issue until you drag other people in your fireteam across the globe on your server. Then it’s bad.

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It was literally in a news article here on waypoint

I like being uninformed. Adds some spice to life. I’m thinking things happen a certain way, then boom! My whole world gets flipped upside down. It’s like a little surprise waiting for me.

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