PC performance issues

Anyone else getting bad performance on PC? After the most recent update, I had to low my settings between medium and low, and still getting worse performance issues, and the most annoying one is the constant crashes on almost every single match. I love this game, but things like this just make me want to uninstall it, and probably will do so. From what I’ve seen, this issue affects almost everyone on PC, doesn’t matter if you have the most powerful one, it is based on pure luck if you haven’t experienced anything like this.
I hope this issue get’s fixed soon, because as I said, I really love this game, but it is making it harder and harder each day to keep it up like that.


Yes, i also have problems. I now have to set everything on the lowest, even the FOV and screen resolution and i can’t have anything else open on my pc in order to play multiplayer. But even then the map Live Fire is always laggy and other maps from time to time.
Campaign is already completely unplayable.

In the beginning there were no problems at all. I could easily play on normal settings while watching a twitch stream on my 2nd screen and have no lag issues whatsoever.
Luckily i already finished the campaign on LASO and have it 100% completed, so i have almost every achievement already. The only campaign related achievement i am missing is the thrown grunt (brutes just didn’t want to throw them for me…).

The issue is there’s little to no difference in the graphics settings. The biggest taxing setting is the resolution scaling. I use to run 60% of 5120x1440, I now run the lowest at 53%. On the upside, it’s not that much noticeable visually compared to 100&.

I use to run 60% resolution and all settings set to low but texture quality set to ultra. This gave me 240+fps. The biggest noticeable eye sore was all the pop in, even from short distance, mainly map props and shadows. A few days ago I was doing my own benchmarks (why isn’t there an in-game benchmark?) and found some good settings to still get 240+fps without any pop ins. If anyone is curious, I can post those settings later on.

Could you post your pc specs as well please? i wanna try to get to 240fps as close as i can

Yeah, when I get home later today and I’ll post my settings.

PC Specs:
Ryzen 7 5800X (PBO2 enabled) w/Corsair H100i 240mm Elite Capellix
Asus ROG 3080 OC Strix 10GB
MSI B550-A Pro
2x16GB Corsair Pro SL 3600MHz C18 1.35V RAM (Optimized for Ryzen)
WD SN850 2TB (game drive)
Corsair MP400 1TB (OS, files and launchers)

What’s your specs and monitor/resolution?

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I have a standard i7 10700 with no power limits, 2070 super, 3200mhz cl 16 ram , msi z490 motherboard, 280hz 1080p monitor
I can get 180-200fps in 4v4 maps on mid to low settings, a bit less in btb, i want to upgrade my pc this year, or early next year
But i still hope that 343 can improve pc performance because this game seems waaay to heavy, even on monster pcs, and the graphics aren’t even amazing…

Are you playing at 100% resolution scale? Trust me, the resolution is the most taxing thing in this game. A lot of the graphics settings show very little difference between low and high/ultra. I use to run everything on low and resolution set to 60%, but I hated the pop in.

I finished my build in November but I plan on upgrading to Ryzen 7000 when it comes out this year. I originally went with the 3070 FE when I was able to grab one from Best Buy in October, then I was able to get the 3080 Strix at (the new) MSRP a month later, which was $1,250. Crazy, it went from an MSRP of $850 to $1,250 and now they ditched the 10GB version and released the 12GB version with a new MSRP of $1,650. Horrible time for people to get into PC building.

Forgot to say it, i play at 71% resolution scale (the lowest it can be). Here in Italy a 3060ti costs almost 1000$ , a 3080ti costs 2700-2800$ i think ,lol
I’m planning to switch to ryzen 7000s as well

Highway robbery.

Later on tonight I’ll post the settings I use. Best thing I can tell you is don’t be afraid to slide that resolution scaler all the way to the left. I’ll tell you want to change in Nvidia controller panel, if you haven’t already.

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Let me know what settings you are using my game has started crashing since the last update

Ask for the game to be fixed. Also great pfp OP. Muscular Tigger from Winnie the Pooh lmao.

I ended up deleting the HD downlaods in the options menu, run the game on ultra on a 1440p monitor still looks great and get over 144fps (monitor is capped at that)
I find with HD textures on i get 100 or less and thats with ultra settings, and a 3080

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@PublicUnique @SPARSTE96


I’ve crashed twice today for the first time since release.

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A couple of months ago I played Halo Inifinite without any problem, yesterday I wanted to resume its multiplayer, once I started it I saw that the fps were 25-35 but I did not give importance since it was the menu, however when I started a quick game to warm up, I saw that my fps were between 30 and 45, when previously my fps hovered between 80-140 fps, I do not know why I go to low fps if I had never happened to me that.

I have a 1050 ti, i7 8700k and 16 ram.

Could you help me please.

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You can try…

  • Press the Windows key
  • Type in msconfig and hit enter
  • Click on Services
  • At the bottom, check the box for “Hide All Microsoft services”
  • Click disable all
  • Exit out

Start up Halo Infinite and see if you get your frames back.

You can also try my settings…


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