Pc optimization is horrendous

I don’t have the most powerful pc (1060 6gb, i7 8700, 16x1 gb 2400 MHz) but 45 fps in multiplayer (with low preset) is unacceptable. How can a game be so poorly optimized that getting 60 fps or over is impossible in multiplayer. I’ll give some examples of games that are more demanding where i can play with medium/high graphics and comfortably get 80-100 fps

Example 1: Destiny 2 at medium/high graphics and i get 80-100 fps
Example 2: Doom eternal at high graphics and i get 70-100 fps
Example 3: Fallen Order at medium/high graphics and i get 60-90 fps

These are just some games that are more demanding where i can get more fps with higher graphics.


Yes it’s very poorly optimised. It’s become a joke. Moreover it’s not some over the top graphics like how crysis was. It’s looks like some 2016 kinda graphics. Open world is down right unplayable on my Rtx 2080 ti. Fps just plunges to 55 fps from 75 fps , ultra preset @ 1080p. I have instant refunded on steam.


what are your Specs?

I’m getting around 120 FPS ms=64

Here are my specs:

Halo Infinite Steam Version Grafix: Eveything On Ultra High

Windows 11 Pro
Asus Tuff X570 With WIFI
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3700mhz
32gigs Memory GSKILL 3600mhz
Video Card: Geforce 2070 RTX 8gigs memory

Yup… optimization is not good here. It’s basically impossible to get 4k 120fps in the campaign or 1440p 240 Hz in multiplayer. I have a 5.2 GHz 9900k and an RTX 3090 and Halo Infinite barely runs better for me than it does on the Series X in its performance mode. And I’ve heard nothing but bad things about performance from people with midrange or older hardware.

I don’t understand how they managed to get this thing running on base Xbox One but failed to optimize it for low-midrange PC hardware.

A GTX 1060 6GB is vastly more powerful than what’s in the Xbox One, as is the i7-8700… Should easily be pushing 1080p 120fps in multiplayer.


This, it’s absolutely horrendous on PC, RX 480 users are lucky to get 50-60 fps in 4v4, and 45 in BTB.
As for open world campaign? Barely playable on lowest settings with a 30/30 min max fps cap and resolution scaling.
They need to fix it BIG TIME…

I agree, they really need to fix the optimization

I’d be careful about saying some other game is “more demanding”, but I do agree that the optimization could use some work and I wish more attention was brought to it.

We need a true fullscreen mode, we need resolution options, the game can stutter relatively frequently in the campaign and BTB…etc

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I mean… it’s not difficult to find games that look better than this game and also run better.


looking better and being “more demanding” are 2 different things

Art style will always beat graphical capability

This post doesn’t make any sense at all.

You mind explaining why it doesn’t make sense to you? I can help you understand

It just doesn’t address anything related to optimization. The whole point of this thread is that this game is optimized badly. And that’s pretty obvious, because there are plenty of games that both look better than this does - and that’s true both in terms of fidelity and artistic style - and also perform better. That’s more or less the definition of bad optimization.

And even if you want to say that the Slipspace Engine is some kind of special snowflake that has to be treated with kid gloves, it would still be the case that this game is badly optimized, because the performance doesn’t scale at all on PC in comparison to the hardware of base xbox one. If they can get this thing running at 1080p 30fps on garbage hardware from 2013, there’s no excuse for poor performance on modern PC hardware.


What does bringing another game into the fold address in terms of optimization? You can’t measure the art style in any real objective way so saying something “looks better” means nothing.

It’s a pointless comparison to say " Destiny runs like this and the looks like this so Infinite should as well" because it’s not helpful and doesn’t set any sort of standard for what we want from an optimization standpoint.
We should tell them "Hey we want to be able to have a consistent 120 frames on these settings, fullscreen, good frame timing, no stutterring…etc

I don’t even know why you bothered to type this part even because my position is that the game definitely needs to be optimized which is literally in the first post you responded to. You just went on a rant about something that you should have had the foresight to know that I’d agree with. Yes I want the game to be optimized, crazy I know.

So in your opinion, if Minecraft ran at 10fps on an RTX 3090 and 12900k, it would not be fair to say “there are so many games that look better than minecraft; they’re so much better optimized”?

Your argument is ridiculous. It is absolutely reasonable to note “other games that look better than this also perform better, therefore this game is unoptimized”.

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Yes that is my opinion because what you should be saying in that situation is “10FPS Is Not Acceptable”

Saying another game looks better is an opinion. People have different opinions and it’s not constructive in relation to the optimization of this game because then the devs cannot nail down anything to work on

Tell me you don’t understand anything about graphics, without telling me you don’t understand anything about graphics.

You are pretending that visuals are 100% art style and 0% fidelity/technology.

That’s enough crazy for me in this one… I’m out.

Aw nice, set up a strawman then leave.

Cool dude

Roll back the NVIDIA GeForce drivers back to the Dec. 1st version. New one is truly horrendous.

My PC optimized the game to the lowest setting, I was shocked.

The MP is just perfect. It’s the Campaign which has a lot of issues.