PC Optimal Settings Help

So I had been playing at 1440p before and absolutely crushing at over 100FPS with my system, but I was finally able to get a good 4k monitor today (the ASUS ROG Strix 4k OLED Model) and wanted to bump what I could up.

I’ve got it pretty much nailed down for my other games (I wanted 60FPS minimum for my single player/non-FPS games and 100 if possible for competitive shooters) but Halo is proving a bit trickier. When I tried 4k Ultra I was getting 70-ish FPS but with some notable hitches and some 99% 40’s while playing BTB. I tried 4k High and got 80-90-ish FPS with 55-ish 99%. I wanted to try to get to 100FPS with 60FPS 99% but I’m not quite sure the combination of settings to get it that way without decimating the graphics of the game. I’ve heard the most surefire way is to just lower the resolution scale and let it upscale but I feel like that should be the last resort (because that 100FPS is pretty tasty).

My relevant specs are;

  • AMD Ryzen 5800x

  • ZOTAC GTX 3080 10GB

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM

It was obviously super overkill for 1440p but trying to get it to like 4k even though the 3080 should do it is a little harder it seems.

If possible break the settings down into “Best 4k Option” and “Best Ultra/High but slightly downscaled Resolution Option” if you could please.


Delete HD texture packs if you have them installed, they have little graphical gain vrs huge performance cost.

have your minimum fps set to the refresh rate of your monitor.

Just out of curiosity why are you aiming for 4k gameplay?

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I didn’t get a 4k 120hz OLED monitor to not attempt to get 4k whenever feasible?

Well the reason why I ask is because depending on the size of your monitor you aren’t actually seeing a difference. 4K is only noticeable above 32 inches. What size is your monitor?

42 inches. I’ve got the new ROG Swift OLED.

Okay, that makes sense.

Put all settings to low or off in the game except simulation quality that one is on ultra. Can also remove the HD packs if you want. Idk if AMD has anything like the Nvidia geforce experience and control panel but if they do theres settings in there you can tweak as well. Oc of course and also going into the spec control settings and changing the framerate from there will help too