PC needs red reticle back

Red Reticle

We need red reticle back for PC. the bland vague lazy excuse that it was supposed to discourage hacking or cheating is clearly not working. Either get better programmers, a new anti-cheat or something ffs.

I have to squint to figure out where I’m even aiming at the body. The outline of the shields become too thick when low on shields and it just blends with the player and it makes it difficult to keep track of the reticle. In fact I’ve encountered a visual bug where my hud is not present I’ve hade better aiming without it than with it. It also becomes more of a visual clutter issue when the zone capture outline is the same color as the enemy outline. If I’m at an angle it just blends and makes it harder to track.

The visual cue for firing when the reticle turns red is so helpful when engaging in pvp, helps so much with player tracking; now more than ever given how the player’s strafe speed is crank to 100.

I don’t want to keep sounding redundant but yeah, the team tried the no red reticle thing, isn’t working so maybe now is time to enable it back in.


I can totally see this being a memory in the distant future where we laugh about the ridiculous time we didn’t have RR in Halo.


It’s so dumb that PC users lose functionality because of that.


Even when using a controller on PC I find some guns have RR and others don’t. Why? Give the RR to all the guns, please.


Get a monitor with a built in crosshair. I have one that let’s me make my own crosshairs and its extremely useful.

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How does that help with effective weapon range? As in when the reticle turns red. Different distances depending on the weapon.

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Appreciate the response but man buying a 200$ monitor for built in crosshairs should not be the solution to a problem they created. Welp still waiting to read about how much Q&A they’ll have to do to turn RR back on again :unamused:


Im not quite understanding your question. If you’re asking if it increase/decreases weapon range then no. It just helps when knowing what the maximum distance is for the bullet magnetism (if any)

I was replying to Bender.

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It sounds like you expect the reticle to help your game more than its able to. Its just a marker not a tool for finding your enemies.

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Get some sticky tape and slap it on your monitor ffs. Are PC players complaining again about somthing that’s easily fixed or something thats not even that big of a deal!

You’re aiming with a gawd dam MOUSE and KEYBOARD, way more of an advantage than console players. You have the upper hand with Weapons, Vehicles, Shooting and Movement and still something like the reticle not being RED is making you put out this long post about it.
I get it I’m not trying to annoy you. But if it was like that on console i wouldn’t have a problem. He’ll even now the red reticle only turns red when an enemy is within range, so most times when, lets say I have a BR and I’m shooting at someone out of range the reticle stays white and I’ve no problem shooting people. I’m sure since the majority of halo players are now PC goons. You’ll get your way as always…

Huh?? It turns red when your weapon is at effective range. A very useful tool that somehow console players get because it’s been in Halo’s design since the beginning, but to just shaft PC when it doesn’t even prevent cheating like they claim is just lame.

And why do people keep saying stuff about screen reticles?? Turning red is completely different than a reticle being there, which btw, I have reticles. It’s not like I have no reticles roflmao.


Yes. This is the feature some guns lack on PC. Why are you yelling at your screen for something that should just be on both platforms? It has been a key feature since Halo 1.


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While what you say is true, it is such good visual feedback to know when or not to shoot. Turns red shoot, it’s not red don’t shoot. Besides that the glowing shields in this game is too much for a reticle to just be white. I’ve tried increasing the opacity or whatever the option is but it just becomes too thick to look through it. Still It is something that should not have been disabled in the 1st place. Been playing halo for 20 years and man is this one of the most annoying useless changes that i need to get use to now.

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Well with PC gaming becoming more and more prevalent it does make sense to release the game on pc… no? Okay, yeah, i do play on MnK you guessed it lol but there are other pc players that game on controller. Im not complaining about aim assist here or bullet magnetism. it’s just the fact that the reticle can blend with the background easily and the options to tweak it doesn’t help much. This was never an issue in MCC so idk why remove it and create this artificial difficulty for PC players whether it be MnK or controller. And lol “PC goons”, don’t stroke my ego there lol.

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We don’t need more hand holding for controller players. They have enough of that already.

What do you mean? This is a feature only missing on PC whether one uses controller or m&kb.


Right. I don’t think red reticle needs to be a thing on either PC or console. Needing help identifying your effective range just lowers the skill ceiling.

I seriously didn’t know there was any debate on this ever. It’s been in the game since Halo 1 and it matters a lot for weapons that have tracking like the needler.

Also, I should add. It’s a way the shooting works in this game. In CSS I could snipe if I was careful enough with the AK, but in this, weapons becomes completely useless outside of effective range and there’s huge bloom.