PC needs Red Reticle added to the skewer and sniper rifle

So I understand the controversy with adding red reticle to PC and the implications of cheaters etc. 343 has indicated that they made an exception for a number of the covenant weapons because they have a homing mechanic. I suggest that, at the very least, this be added to the skewer and the sniper rifle as well.

reddit. com/r/halo/comments/q167ax/how_to_useaim_the_skewer/

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As can be seen in this link, the red reticle allows for a visual indicator when bullet can hit, as opposed to being directly placed on the target. This assists with leading targets and does not happen on the PC which makes aiming these weapons less intuitive. I understand 343 wanting to combat cheaters with removing red reticle on other weapons, but I think for these two an exception should be made per the video above.

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PC and Mouse+Keyboard is already precise enough relative to XBox. Additional aiming support is unnecessary.

If RR were to be applied to both of these, but especially the sniper, then the door is being cracked just a bit for potential oppressive cheating methods to be applied to power weapons. I don’t think what you outline above is worth that possible risk.