Pc MnK after winter update

With the Winter update, pc got some changes some were fantastic and others were questionable forge and customer games browsers love it and are extremely happy it’s finally here. and socially halo infinite is becoming one of the best but some things would make the experience of all of this better on MK. I’ve been playing with the new update on Mnk with the aim assist and I’m not sure I like it. The reason is mainly it takes away from the skill ceiling on Mnk to try and even the grounds with aim assist but it’s not as good as the controller’s because on Mnk it only activates in the red reticle range. In contrast, on the controller, it doesn’t have to be in the red reticle range meaning that at any range you can still laser at a high enough level of usage with the controller.
I think that if we are going to stay with aim assist you might as well even the ground all the way or else Mnk will fall into the same spot, Yea fights are not as cutthroat up close although still almost impossible the long-range still can’t do anything because even outside controller range they have full aim assist and don’t have to constantly try and close the distance. I just feel when you play with the controller you are free to play how you want and on Mnk I’m being forced to play a specific way and its frustrating because I want to play at a high level competitively the way I want but I’m not allowed to because it’s a pure disadvantage at a certain level of competitive play. It was a start with aim assist on Mnk but reticle fraction with more range than red reticle would be way better or make controller the same to where aim assist isn’t able to activate when enemies are outside of their reticle range
Also, the walk button on Mnk makes no sense Why allow me to adjust the speed if I can still be heard no matter what but oncontroller when you walk you cannot hear anything