PC MCC Reach Matchmaking issues

This has probably been brought up already but, 23 hours deep into Reach on pc, (about 6 in campaign? the rest being idle or in queue.) I’ve only been able to find 9 matches and finish 8 since I got kicked out halfway through a match by easy anticheat for letting discord detect MCC and got a 5 minute ban. Nice. Going off of just just by the amount of people talking/posting about Reach, there’s plenty people playing without this problem. Yet I’m spending just as much time in queue as initial release of MCC on xbox in 2014. I’ve tried using a vpn to change my location to maybe get on a different server, not to mention how annoying it is having to constantly jiggle the mouse so you don’t idle out of the queue before it attempts to connect to a lobby just to fail anyway. At this point I just leave MCC open in the background and tab in every few minutes to see if I got lucky enough to find a match or not. The few matches I’ve connected to were on US West I think? Wasn’t paying attention that much, just glad to be able to actually play. Overall I’m pretty disappointed I don’t get the same experience as everyone else or can even play multiplayer in general.