PC MCC drops to 45 fps, only when window is active

I thought at first maybe it was my rig, maybe it couldnt handle the game. but then i clicked outside the window and it suddenly shot up to 110-120 fps.
I’m not exactly sure what could be doing this, nor am I even sure where i’d start as far as investigation goes to troubleshoot this. is there anything thats caused this for anyone else?

another thing i’ve noticed, if I hit windows key+g i get the xbox overlay, and the fps shoots up there too.

If I pin a widget it seems to shoot the fps back up but I dont know why that would fix it and it doesnt seem like the optimal solution, could there be another way to fix this?

heres an imgur link detailing this

and the issue does appear to be exclusive to mcc, no other games as far as I can tell are having these issues.