Pc Loses Connection Every Time MCC Crashes Co-op

Holy crap where do i start with this! Ok so i join a party chat and co-op campaign game and in the background i have a Twitch stream playingon Pc, everything is fine until we both lose control of the character we are playing as and then Halo crashes back to the main menu with an error message stating i have lost connection to the game session.

But here is the major problem, while Halo is crashing back to the menu, my Pc looses connection (internet) How do i know this? i know this because my stream stops playing and i have to refresh, this has happened many times, at first i thought nothing of it, but now its every time Halo crashes, and to top it all off party chat stops working!!! everything looks fine but we can not hear anyone!

So to sum it up we know Halo is broken, but its broken to the extent that its messing with other apps on the Xbox and either my router or modem with my Pc losing connection!

This needs the highest priority, even over multiplayer, it could possibly be harming my Xbox One.

Nat type open for both

Host: 37mb down 9mb upload
Player 2: 155mb down 12mb upload

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> This needs the highest priority, even over multiplayer, it could possibly be harming my Xbox One.

Yeah, no. Your issue with streaming and connectivity does not take precedence over multiplayer.

Its not just about streaming its the fact Halo is affecting other games, for example when Halo crashes on co-op if i try and join multiplayer on say killer instinct it wont let me join until after a hard reset!

Halo is breaking other games connections!!

No not really. The Xb1 is just an unfinished piece of crap product just like this game. The console can’t handle doing all those things that the original xbox from 2001 had no issues doing at all.

It’s actually strange you say this, whilst I have been having issues with my internet the last couple of days I never attributed it to MCC but there are 4 people all playing it on my network at the moment.

It is probably a coincidence but it is odd that I have had similar problems.

This is very interesting, because I’m running into an issue that I can’t play Call of Duty: AW multiplayer after playing MCC without resetting my Xbox. Wonder if it’s related.

If more peeps are having this problem it can not be a coincidence, and that Mcc is actually breaking other games/apps!