[PC] Install Error - 0x80070005 (Access Denied)

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else is getting Windows Store install errors. Error Code: 0x80070005, an access denied style of error.

I have confirmed that this only occurs on the Windows store (not on steam) and that it only affects new apps (old apps function and update correctly). I have also confirmed that it isn’t just the 1 app (i.e. Halo), problem also happens with other new apps. My current OS version is Win 10 Pro – Build 14393 (10.0.14393) which as i believe is the most current.

I’ve done some extensive troubleshooting, none of which has helped. If anyone else has anything to add please feel free, I’m completely stuck.

Below is a list of some of the tests I’ve tried based on some research.

  • Store troubleshooter - Troubleshooting problems with windows update - Installing on both HDD and SSD - Clearing store cache in registry - Virus Scan - Malware Scan - Disabled Firewall - Administrator Account - Access to WindowsApp folder - Full access to Packages folder - Sfc /scannow - Time / Date set automatically - SubInACL + reset.cmd - Fix Windows Update errors

Have same problem - click right mouse butto on a HDD that you use and chcek Security / Users - and allow Users to change everything

I managed to fix the issue. I had to create a new administrator user on my PC. I guess my current one is corrupted somewhere.

Now of course I’m having another issue with downloading the game. The windows store is a joke, they should have just gone through steam.

Well I had also caught into same trouble of Access Denied but while installing Microsoft office suit. My MS OFFICE started showing error code 30015-4 (5)-Access Denied To Installation Source Error. I too got panic after searching a lot for the solution I found help from this post. I think if you too having the similar issue then try these manual steps.
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