PC Hit Registration (Confirmed)

On PC our hits are definitely not registering 100%. I put in a ticket and this is what they sent me

Halo Agent Bravo (Halo Support)

Nov 23, 2021, 9:54 PST

Hi SneakyFox117,

Thank you for your ticket. At this time, we don’t have a workaround and can’t predict when there might be a resolution, but your issue has been logged with our developers. They will use the information you provided during their investigation.

If this issue is resolved in an update, we will notify you. If not, your ticket may remain in an open state until a game update. We will check in with you whenever a game update is released to ensure that your issue is still occurring.

If our developers have a question for you or we discover a workaround, we may reach back out to you with questions or steps for you to try. If you discover a workaround yourself, please feel free to send it back to us! We can share that information with other players encountering the same issue and with our developers for further investigation.

Our developers look at issues which multiple people have reported so if you know others experiencing this issue, ask them to file a ticket at

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  • [Submit a ticket] Report in-game issues to Halo Support.
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Halo Agent Bravo


Nov 20, 2021, 4:04 PST

When I play on PC the hit registration isn’t working properly. When I play on XBOX the hit registration is fine. The same amount of shots on PC won’t kill as the same amount of shots on Xbox. Simple fix, just play the xbox right? Can’t. I’m on PC and my GF is on Xbox so we can’t use it at the same time.


Had to delete links…

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This is a copy and paste message that everyone gets. Only difference between yours and mine is they thanked me for sending so much info. “Thank you for your ticket and for all the information you have provided!”

edit: not saying you are wrong because I also think this, just that this is not confirmation.

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Omg yay halo :angel: :angel: <3333

Same on Xbox Series X. It seems like sometimes full damage is not applied either. I’ve hit People dead on with a rocket to only get a shield pop.