PC Halo 2 Co-op disconnects using the scorpion

Greetings, so I’ve looked around for a solution to this problem for a while already but none have mentioned this specific issue.

Me and a friend have been playing through the campaigns and so far all was good until we reached both “Metropolis” and now “Delta Halo”.

Playing through the levels on foot, or most vehicles don’t seem to trigger any issues, however when using the Scorpion there’s a random chance that the game simply
disconnects both of us, we have played through CE and Reach without a hiccup, we both have the game locked at 60 fps as a potential fix we tried recently, but the
issue keeps happening.

Metropolis kept disconnecting us at the beginning while using the Scorpion, after locking it at 60 fps it sort of fixed itself, however now in Delta Halo, it disconnects no
matter what, even tried switching hosting and it happens anyways. At the bridge where they give us the scorpion the game locks if we try to bring it across the bridge, we
tried with ghosts and nothing happened, until one of the npcs took the tank we left behind and tried to cross as well.

Hopefully someone has an idea on what’s going on, thanks in advance.

This is happening to me too. It seems to happen around near-ish the end of the metropolis bridge. It also happened in Delta Halo, but I don’t remember where. My friend was using the scorpion while I was using a (hijacked) wraith, however it only disconnected us when the scorpion crossed a certain part.

Just as an update, this keeps happening, we gave up and decided to just fly through the level with a ghost on normal and continue the rest on legendary.

Upon reaching quarantine zone we noticed it happened again, basically, every level that involves the use of tanks, wraiths or scorpions, have the random chance of
disconnecting both players.

I’m still not sure if this includes other vehicles like ghosts and warthongs but I’ll try to test this in the future. Hopefully this gets fixed at some point.

I have found a fix to the problem onece player one get in the tank play 2 get in the warthog and fom here you want to dive in a convoy with player one in frount and player 2 in the back all the way accross the bridge till you reach the end where you need to get out and there shouldn’t be any problem it worked for me

P.s the bug is caused due to player 2 driveing ahead of player one and once the checkpoint is reached after the wrath and player 2 is ahead the bug will be caused

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Man, you saved us, tested this with my friend after months of not touching the campaign and it worked, we managed to get through Metropolis AND Delta Halo this way, however, for Delta Halo we opted to go on foot once you get the Tank, but stay close to each other, and it definitely worked, made the map way more difficult that it should’ve but we had fun with it.

If anyone is having the same issue, try this, and stay close to each other, maybe triggering multiple check points at once crashes the game, who knows.

Thanks for the reply! Cheers!