PC crashing potential fix: Razer Chroma

So I was having an issue with my game repeatedly crashing on the first day of the most recent flight. (9/24/21) It seemed to be happening at random, with no warning or with no notable cause. It would always happen within seconds after entering the main menu. I had pretty much given up at trying to resolve It and just submitted a ticket, but, my friend told me to check my crash report document in the game files. After checking the document we noticed that the report mentioned: “RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFAE6893912”. I still don’t know what this means but it prompted me to check my my Razer Synapse software. I found that razer chroma was enabled for Halo Infinite and I, well, disabled it. I then opened the flight again and, with Task Manager shutdown Razer Chroma as it tried to run. My game has since been able to run without crashing. to be honest I’m not sure which of these steps fixed the problem but If this could help someone else out there with the same issue then Its worth sharing.