PC crashes at the end of every game

I have been wondering if there have been solutions towards the PC crashes. I run on AMD and from the research I have done all of the suggestions from Reddit and other outlets still seems to be a issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled, have created tickets to Halo support and yet have heard zero about this issue. I have even escalated this to AMD but nothing from them? Anybody having the same issue? My PC would crash during the final end screen of every game. Made playing ranked terrible as some progression would count and some would not. Hoping some visibility here could help bring awareness to the dev teams that work on the PC side of things.


Seeing the same here but with sodtlock/freezing mid-game. actually getting worse with time. Running an AMD CPU (Ryzen 3700x) paired with an RTX 2070. Ticket submitted etc… but not a whole lot from the dev team about this except a request to see if still happening after Dec 15th update… It is

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I also frequently encounter system crashes to black after completing matches. Fortunately, I’ve never lost any progress, but sometimes my PC needs to be unplugged at the PSU for several minutes to boot again.

This happens mostly in multiplayer, but sometimes in the campaign, too.

However, I’ve never had the game lock or freeze into a crash. It is always a loading screen transmission, like post-match or after a campaign death.

I have tried every fix I can find, but to no avail. Some nights are better than others.

No real help from me, but I’m in the same boat.

i5 12600K
Win 11

I was having this exact issue for a while. After a match ended and went to the loading screen, the PC would crash and I’d have to unplug the PC for a bit before it would turn back on. Doing a manual download and install of the latest GPU drivers seemed to fix the issue.

The PC build is very unstable. My game crashes frequently. I can’t play ranked because of it.

There is no end-user solution to the crashing currently. 343 needs to fix their game.