PC controller aim assist in training / matchmaking

I have played in both flights now, and this weekend I have put in at least 18 hours of total play time, trying to play for the full duration of each matchmaking window. Aiming with controller on PC still doesn’t feel good, and some weapons are downright not fun and borderline not usable, such as the sidekick and commando. A few hours ago I saw on twitter that some people were saying that Training does in fact have decent aim assist, but it seems turned off in matchmaking. I decided to test this out and, wow, it is like playing two different games. The commando is actually fun, and the sidekick was actually a reliable weapon to swap to for a quick headshot. I was completely blown away, and turned on the spartan bots to really test out how different everything felt, and I was having a blast!

And this is ignoring the fact that the red reticle is actually noticeable at a decent range in the training, and practically nonexistent in matchmaking, (which is an awful decision 343, yes I saw the Unyshek tweet on why you did it, no I don’t think that is a good enough reason).

In short, if you are someone who hasn’t really bothered with training and has put a bunch of hours into matchmaking, go try training for even a minute, and I guarantee that you will notice a significant difference in controller performance. 343, if this is intentional, you REALLY need to change your minds. If this is just a bug, it REALLY needs to be squashed before launch, and honestly before the flight next weekend, as it is actively pushing players away from the game.