PC Constant Game Crashes - No Dev Acknowledgement?

Game is currently in an unplayable state - I just played 3 matches in a row and the game has crashed as early as 10 seconds in and as late as 10 minutes into the game. The previous 3 games I played with no problems. Overall I have crashed in about 50 to 70 of the 250 ranked games I have played. This is incredibly frustrating and ruins games for 7 other people every time it happens. The fact that the devs still haven’t acknowledged the issue is frankly disappointing especially since they know that a significant number of 3v4s happen due to crashes and can see the stats on their end. Do you really think some people just ALT-F4 out of your game 50 to 70 times?

I have tried over 20 different fixes, including updating everything possible (video card, drivers, bios etc.). Did a fresh boot on low graphics and everything and it still crashes for me randomly.

Incredibly disheartening when a game is released by Microsoft in 2022 with:

  1. No ability to rejoin ranked (The fact that not a single person developing this game raised their hand to make sure this is listed as a priority for release just demonstrates pure incompetence on the sign of devs)
  2. Memory leak issues resulting in crashes on a Windows machine (not being able to release a stable game is again a sign of incompetence)
  3. Bans for crashes after releasing unstable game
  4. Not a single word addressing stability issues from the devs for about 2 months despite significant data pointing towards people even with bleeding edge hardware experiencing constant crashing

I hope that my letter inspires at least someone to look into these issues - they’ve already made 5 of my friends quit the game and since I can’t play with anyone left anyways due to constant crashing I’m about to quit forever myself.


If you search on here for ‘PC cresh’ on here you’ll find several threads by people experiencing crashes. Given you’ve tried over 20 different fixes, you may not find anything in there that you haven’t already tried.

Make sure you head over to Halo Support and submit a ticket. Throught that they can collect the sort of information they need to investigate.

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Seems to be an issue with drivers. Roll back your drivers to late October and download them manually and directly from your GPU manufacture’s website. This has fixed crashing for several of my friends.

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1 Week Update (2 months since release) - still no dev acknowledgement of countless PC crash errors for people with no amount of troubleshooting helping (if you’re the only game I’ve played in a decade that crashes this consistently means game is clearly bugged… memory leak issues come to mind).

Let’s see how long the devs can continue to ignore the problem without listing it under known issues.

If you still don’t get it your user numbers are going down since people play with their friends and when any one of the four of you crashes in every game and turns it into a 3v4 constantly… people quit your game.

Let’s see how long it takes for them to at least list the issue here - if I can at least get an acknowledgement that would be appreciated.




Been using PC to play since launch. Never had a crash. So, yeah, no Dev Acknowledgement, probably because it’s an issue with YOUR computer. Fix it.

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Oh for f**** sakes, just look at the forms. There are hundreds of players experiencing this issue. Just because you don’t have an issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The devs are refusing to acknowledge this issue. Leave if you are just going to be an A-hole.

Please do not make combative posts.


You’re using a PC. This is a PC issue. If you don’t want PC problems, don’t play on PC.

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It’s a development problem, not a pc problem. Even people on xbox are crashing. Toxic.

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You see “hundreds” of people complaining about crashing. How about the 1,000,000 other’s that aren’t crashing? Money’s on the fact that maybe these 100’s of people complaining about crashing have generic PC problems. I don’t want 343 wasting their dev time on people that downloaded a virus, or put in a 300 watt PSU with their 6900xt… for example.

You think that we don’t know the PCs we built? Get out of here. If no other game has issues, why would Halo Infinite? Oh, maybe it’s because Halo is broken. Your logic is :poop:.

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lol, sounds like your PC is :poop:.

Intel i7-10770k, 32gb corsair 3200Mhz, GTX 1080 FTW, 1TB NVME storage, Corsair H100i cooler, RM850x power supply. Go touch some grass kid.

Put a clean Windows 10 on there, and grab all the proper drivers. Guaranteed fix there. If not, then you got hardware problems. If you’re not willing to try that, then stop complaining.

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Already did bucko. It’s the game. You sound like a shill.

It’s NOT the game “bucko” - if it was the game, everyone would be crashing. It’s you.

I have my doubt you actually did a clean install of windows and grabbed drivers. You didn’t mention your mobo, you need drivers for that too.

Swap out parts 1 at a time.

Dude you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. The game worked fine for most people, then 343 released a patch, and the game stopped working. It’s the game. Not peoples PC’s. Someone already discovered a memory leak issue, which is most likely what is causing it. If it was a hardware failure on my end, it would effect more than halo. Like I said, your logic is trash. The developers could have created a bug that effects certain hardware. That by no means makes it the consumers fault. Quit white knighting for 343’s ineptitudes.

343’s got plenty ineptitudes. I trash on them all the time. But you need to be spending your time fixing your PC on other forums. This aint a tech support forum.

My pc is not the problem it’s the game. You need to avoid these topics, if you are not willing to help, but just blame people. Ridiculous.

You keep saying it’s the game… but it’s clearly you bud. Hundreds of thousands of people are playing on PC, and NOT crashing. That clearly means it not the game.

Hate to jump in to this clear baiter but I have significant PC crashing problems too. New gaming PC - 3080ti, ryzen 5900x, 64 Gb ram. Clean install, updated drivers, everything. I know of a ton of people crashing as well. So this is definitely not a system problem, it’s a game problem. You claiming it isn’t won’t change that. The crashing happens on steam and the Xbox app. The game on PC is unstable and unoptimized. Sounds like you are sour about something else. So I’ll step out now.