PC Audio Issue

Hi, I recently bought halo wars 2 on PC about 2 days ago and upon loading it up there is no sound whatsoever, I get the menu music at first but it then cuts in and out and when I get to the main menu it cuts out completely and there is no audio when I’m in the game or cut scenes either. I really don’t know what I can do here cos I’ve messed with the audio settings to no avail and I cant think of anything else to try. I would appreciate any assistant or if any knows that this issue is going to be patch. Cheers.

Did you ever fix the issue? I installed it recently to a new pc and have the same issue. I think it is an issue with my surround sound headset.

I have a similar issue where my audio cuts out completely right after the game load screen, it even disable the sound from Pandora or any other app that’s playing sounds but as soon as I close HW2 the sound comes back. I have lights on my computer that react to sound that is being played and they still react to the music and game sounds but yet I don’t hear any sounds, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of in settings and tried different speakers and headphones but nothing works.

Anyone have any luck? I also have the same issue.