PC Alternative?

So, fanmade mod for LEGALLY downloaded build (Yes, people can legally download game build from 4game launcher, but can’t login ingame without beta code) of Halo Online is shutting down. We wait for finishing this freacking fight for 11 years now. We wait after Halo 3 release. We Wait after Halo 3: ODST release. We wait after Halo Reach, Halo wars, Halo 4 etc.
I want… No! WE want ask you 343 and Microsoft: where is alternative? Halo 5 Forge for Win10 only?
We buy Spartan strike and Spartan assault, we think “they are want to know how many people want Halo on PC” and buy it. We buy Halo Wars (And you know how unpopular Halo Wars was in Windows Store).
Now some great people make a free mod, without stealing anything, selling anything, do anything illigal, for abandoned broken game build which anyone can download. Now we have finally working multiplayer demo version Halo 3 on PC or something close to that. And what are you do? You say “it’s illegal, cause it not officially released” but NOBODY don’t steal it. It was free to download. Why are you lie to people? Why shutdown the development of great FREE mod? NOW you realise “OMG, people want halo on PC!” like as it was not obvious until now.
And what now? You announce a Halo 3 PC release? Maybe Halo 3 PC Custom edition, with editiong tools, map editor, mod support or something loke that? Nope.
You know, guys “What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet”. Now I remember one game, which is shutdown by Sega “Streets of Rage Remake”. Still great game, and you still can find it in the internet. And it still have a great mod support and people make thir own mods for game. So WHY are you do all of this? What’s the point? Protect your property? Nobody take your property!
Now you remind me one company… How’s it name? EA. Greedy and make nasty thing to their own fanbase and cutomers.
If you want money - make a great Halo 3 PC Port. People buy it and you have your ton of money. We even don’t need MCC. Even if you release Halo 1, 2, 3, Reach on steam you have A SEAS of bucks! Just don’t do things, which has a negative effect to your reputation. You spit from the cliff on PC player for so many years and we still haven’t alternative. But you NEED shutdown things, which people is ask for. Why not making notes instead? Why not give people support and alternative? Why “STOLEN ASSETS! STOLEN BUILDS! STOLEN IP! REMOVE KEBAB!” even if nobody stole anything and just legally download and make a free mod? Weird desisions.

Don’t do nasty and offensive things to your fans and cutomers, please. Be good, be open, be respective. Your reputation still low after MCC and Halo 5. We all just want a good Halo game. Even if it wan’t from you.

P.S. you can close and delete all forum threads, but you can’t delete your shame.

Still not up for discussion on this site. Have fun thinking people should be ashamed for doing nothing wrong.