Paywall of Death

Idk how they decided that you have to :
-Buy the Premium
-Still grind

It’s so ridiculous how this even became a thing.

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The worst thing is that 343 has not yet spoken on all this feedback. The players are more involved in the success of the game than the management of the company itself.

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…and still be massively restricted in what you unlock and can use to customise your spartan.

It’s either spend money or it’s no customisation for you!

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CHADS_MAG You completely miss the mark on that one bud, at that nobody asked for it to be free to play. They made it free to play so they could justify selling over priced cosmetics to fools like yourself

(Copy paste from my other post about healthy changes)

I have wrote a long post to my friend about this but I am just gonna do bullet points. Feel free to correct or add you own comments.

Battlepass + Progression + Cosmetics

  • Levels should be 500xp
  • Level should take between 5-8 games
  • XP gained should be minimum 75xp a game with supplemented performance on top of it
  • Keep challenges SIMPLE, Keeps teams focused on playing the game
  • Tone down the cosmetics in store. You seem to think player will slurp it up when reality we’ll go the other way.
  • If a battle pass is achievable more players are likely to invest in it
  • F2P doesn’t mean that everything should be behind a paywall.
  • Give F2P 1 customization unlock every 5 levels
  • Add premium currency to the pass
  • Use most successful battlepass as a reference point
  • Armour Cores should allow us access to mix n match (DEMOYEET)
  • No insentive to play post challenge completion (DEMOYEET/Myself)
  • Lower store prices. More people will buy from it then (DEMOYEET)
  • Allow us to colour our armour how we want too and sell extra colours off like other games e.g. Warframe (DEMOYEET)


  • Let people decide their play state
  • Crossplay optional
  • Add Player Collison
  • BTB shouldn’t be long timers between vehicles, quick spawns
  • Fix the weapons so balance is restored.
  • Let us play the way we want to play
  • Gamemode selection down to what game types we are playing
  • BTB add BR Spawns
  • Add a levelling system outside of the Pass
    • This could even just give us a ingame currency to buy items or loot boxes but don’t monetize it (Enialat3r suggestion)
  • FOV problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Audio Problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Aim Assist (The Entire Controller Community)
  • Map weapon Balance spawns (SuperEgo366)
  • Challeneges should be completeable in 1-2 games NOT 5-20 (Ken)
  • Remove Vehicle based challenges (Numerous people)
  • Vehicles need set spawns and low respawn timers (Enialat3r)
  • Grenades feel inconsistent (My friend)
  • Some challenges do not track correctly still (Sherbdog13)


We have on record/forum post and everything, words you as the Dev team have said then gone back on. If there isn’t any notable improvements coming to this game then I will probably drop off.

-proceeds to ignore the entire reason players picked up the game for free in the first place-

Hint: it wasn’t to play dress up

I mean this store is bs! Not your post, sorry

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You clearly haven’t been paying attention. No one asked for a free to play; free to play doesn’t justify predatory practices; progression is purposely slow so instead of getting the items I PAID FOR they can sell me level ups instead.

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Everyone needs to stand their ground and absolutely refuse to dump money into these ridiculously overpriced cosmetics! If I see a spartan during a game looking all decked out, I make sure to express my thought with some aggressive bagging

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I think a better bakery analogy would be;

The bakery advertises free cake, using promo images showing multiple beautifully decorated cakes.

You get there and find out that the decorated cakes are actually not free, and cost $$$. And the one cake that is free, isn’t seen in the adverts, and is a lot less decorated than the others.

Then you find out that of your free cake, you can only have a few bites, and you have to come back next month for you’re next few bites.



I agree that’s there nothing to unlock if you don’t pay. I don’t really care, i just want more in game stats, cant even see mine or the enemies k/d after a game?. Wheres my total kills, headshots, favourite weapon, least favourite, longest kill Streak ect???

The McDonalds principle - fits way better.

Tell me more, I haven’t seen that one.

How do you make a battle pass and not include a single weapon skin in it? It’s a first person shooter, only thing I see in the game is my weapon. Weapon skin should have the same priority as a spartan customization.


This, @CortanaSiimp , is the perfect summery of Halo Infinite logic and made my day.

To once again and finally clear this out: If you don’t care about cosmetics you also won’t understand what this post is all about. Second, so many people here with me explained why “Dude, it’s Free To Play.” is nothing other than to say “Dude, let Halo be ruined.” We’re not talking about microtransactions, we’re talking about that Infinite is more microtransaction than game. Designed to perfectly milk the Player first and second be a cool game, if you don’t care about cosmetics.


Thanks for sharing!!