Paywall of Death

F2P, fine, yes no duh they need some sort of revenue.

$7 for shoulder pads and a color scheme already in the battle pass, not fine.
$20 for an armor bundle, for gear that could easily be included in the free pass, because nothing about it is actually worth $20, not fine.
Literally no way to earn gear outside of capstones for 1 piece of armor each week, not fine
All of these things coming from a gaming community everyone knows can do better, from a game no one asked to be F2P, a game people would willingly spend $60 instead of needing $1,030 for all the cosmetics bundles they have planned, not fine.

It being free to play is not good enough of an excuse.


I agree, and I’m not really adding anything to the conversation, but the issue isn’t that it’s F2P. The issue is that for those who DO pay, it’s a bit of a raw deal. It could definitely be improved.


At least you could change your armor’s color for free :slight_smile:

i’d be accepting of most of this if 343i gave the players a way to earn in game currency. like at least 1 point per weekly/daily challenge or something

Most halo players didn’t originate or return to Infinite from a free-to-play game, they came from prior Halo titles that let you freely customize your colours & unlock armor with reasonable grind

the transition to free-to-play & what was lost is not something you can simply justify because of the shift when there are some unreasomable changes to what we’ve come to expect from a Halo title.


Standard game in the US… 60 dollars
Standard game in the U.K… 80 dollars

You got to love the tax system!


People would then moan about that saying you can’t earn enough. People will always ask for more.

Problem is - people are already buying stuff. Let’s just hope when the sales slow more free stuff will come.

Good logic in a bad situation.

but if 343 is willing to keep with this system, 1 point per challenge seems fair. or heck, have certain challenges give more points just like they give more xp. seems fairer.
also i doubt there’l be ‘more free stuff’ knowing 343

Well I’m in Australia, and that’s 120…so you know…

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I agree that would be nice if you could do that over time but from their point of view it would probably undermine what they are trying to achieve.

Or a target they have been set to achieve.

Which ever way you want to look at it.

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aye, that is fair. a matter of point of view… maybe as you said, once they get enough money, they’l implement it. hopefully that is…

I’d like them to implement cosmetics for achievements…. Reaching Onyx Division … getting a perfection medal etc…

It would make the game much more interesting and wouldn’t be hard to implement.

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i would like them, no, love them to implement that as well. getting the ‘yes sensai’ and achievements like that in 3, odst, Reach and 4. going over to waypoint and earning them was so satisfying. it would also give a purpose to achievements again!

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Rather than complaining about the shop we should all just ask for things like this. Maybe if they hit their targets we could get this implemented if we are loud enough.

At least what we are saying here is a positive thing and not a complaint and it would make the game so much more enjoyable and satisfying

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full heartedly agreed… honestly i was complaining earlier. but just like what i did… i think everyone needs to calm down, take a chill pill, and a step back… once the initial reactions end, people should be sensible again.
but yeah, with the given state. this would be a nice compromise for both 343 and the players

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Totally agree with this , but I believe it was mentioned that there is a armour core for campaign players where you will unlock pieces to the set via gameplay in the campaign. Fingers crossed it’s got alot of pieces to it so that we can finnally have that “you worked hard” for this armour rather then the “how much you spend?” Comments.

I’ll pay to support this game over X years but only if I get my money’s worth. BP for under $15 that’s fine I get to keep it after the 160 days and $30 a year isn’t too bad if you break that down.

Yes the game is free to play but that doesn’t justify holding legacy customisation behind an overpriced paywall and a battlepass with dreadful progression.
Let me emphasise that I’m not upset that there are micro transactions in the game, Im annoyed that the pricing for sets of armour are incredibly greedy combined with a deliberately slow progression system that incentivises buying tiers, boosters and challenge swaps to milk as much money out of people whilst simultaneously declaring a “player first mentality” to monetisation.


I just stumbled upon this short video and oh boy. The promises were so different to what the game turned out to be: /

Nail on head.

A few armour sets, reasonably priced would be fine but the current prices and having 3 systems interwoven deliberately and solely designed to manipulate you into spending money is just disgusting IMO.

F2P?? Rubbish, we’re paying $60 for the game in a few weeks…this is dastardly monetisation of a standard feature of most games.

Given that even with the battlepass, you get barely anything after hours and hours of play, you essentially HAVE to spend money to unlock anything…there’s nothing to work towards with gameplay, only your wallet.

Very sad…