Paywall of Death

Exactly, they also could have unending money without limiting armor pieces to cores, making colours uncombinable. Are we hungry? Yes. But thats no reason to feed us sh*t. Money needs to be earned. Saying “it is free 2 play” is like saying “it is okay to make trash out of Halo”.

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And free to play is not why people play Halo and free to play is no excuse for the monetization in this game. There are plenty of examples of better monetization a for free to play games.

People play Halo because we love Halo, but if we are going to be nickel and dined for every little feature then we’ll leave and go back to MCC or other games that do it better.

Free to play isn’t going to save the game if basic features and customization is locked behind paywall.


Like I already said, there are 2 kinds of people. Those who don’t care about cosmetics and those that do. And those that do are being hooked in their love to the game and then deceived. Free 2 Play is deception. It says “free” but does choke you until you pay.

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fix to this mess:

  • campaign buyers can create a custom coating in the halo 3 color selection style (the pass coatings are more nuanced, but less custom)

  • campaign buyers can customize simple emblems halo 3 sytle (the pass emblems are higher detail, but less custom)

  • campaign buyers get the first year of battle passes.

  • proper xp system

  • ingame earnable credits for long grinds

  • more free armor as enticement

  • cross core customization (at least coatings and visors)

this allows for full customization and motivates players to buy stuff too, because they can now use the potential of said stuff. it also gives classic full buyers a full experience.


Being able to customize your colors shouldn’t be locked behind a $60 paywall and neither should the emblems, but I agree.


having the custom coating generator and emblem generator in the store for non- campaign buyers makes sense too. (including the change of earnable store credits through raw gameplay)


That’s why I don’t even care about the battle pass anymore. I want to use the $10 armor set that I purchased which in turn makes the battles pass kind of useless to me if that makes sense.

But I’m definitely with you guys. 343 is taking out the things we liked about MCC and adding things we don’t like. It’s crazy how the money logic works!!

It’s really staring to feel like activision.

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Misleading. Launch was not going to be F2P since Microsoft was going to double price for Xbox Live. Free is just an excuse to deflect complaints. All the armour should have been in base game. Many of us paid for campaign and ‘are’ entitled for paid content instead of stripped content to cater to a F2P mode that rips a big chunk of the game away just so a few ‘free’ users can play for free. Battle Pass is never worth it 343i should have never gone F2P.


I played Halo 2 for thousands of hours and the only option of progress was to eventually hit a matchmaking rank where more than half of your games were against cheaters and the only reward was the enjoyment of playing a hard-won match against other honest players. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong, a shooter with good gameplay needs nothing but that to maintain a player base and be a good game.

I play Rocket League and don’t bat an eye at their battle pass or in-game store, most of my games are customs with friends so I get no “progress” or “rewards” other than upping my skills and getting gudder.


I’m happy it works out for you but as you can see a very big bunch of Players think that nowadays to a good game it takes also some kind of progression to enjoy. Having no progression-/effort-mirroring is outdated, in my opinion. It’s like the debate of running in Halo. We have 2021, a year in which you should be able to be faster than walking - this is a how to make a game 101. I’m not saying Halo 1 or 2 are bad games, just saying they where published somewhat years ago. And a few players don’t care about any cosmetic items, a lotta people do. Thats why we see only in Waypoint forums here so much about it, on YT, and so on.

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All you greenhorns who wanted to see bulls*** up close, this is gonna be your lucky day!

What do you mean by that?



Cool how I didn’t want it to be free to play and knew it would just encourage predatory monetization tactics. Using F2P as an excuse has got to stop, there are Korean MMOs more generous than this.


Like heck, even if they make us buy cosmetics, at least let us mix and match?
And at least let us choose our own colours? The Core system just DOESN’T WORK.


No, not even the battle pass is worth it. I paid for it and it’s crap what you get for it


I like all the comments from players defending this bad practice that has plunged gaming these days. It actually shows how lost so many are nowadays that it’s scary to see how people just accept whatever is thrown at them. The hell with that nonsense :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyone, please, correct me if I’m wrong. I would love to see how what I’m going to say applies to price gouging. This should be entertaining to say the leased.

What was the microtransaction’s initial purpose when it was introduced to gaming? it’s actually a no-brainer, but I want to be entertained to see if the kid/teens even know this becase most of them have only shown is that they just see that shiny thing, and go, Ooh! I got to have that.

Nowadays, games are created with less content that is engaging content to keep a player’s interest. Take Destiny 2 for an example. Bungie spent all that time and resources creating D2 content, yes, there was a lot of content considering the game/compnay. The problem was, there was nothing to do when the game was released and they almost lost the entire player base. Get this, it was the sequel. The funny thing about it, they sure as hell made sure that that shop was full to the rim.

So, the naive comments saying things like “it’s f2p” does not justify their deliberate poor actions, and no one will convince me otherwise.

When I actually see content added to the game that justifies the price gouging, and I mean a decent amount of content, and not just words coming from a (business mouth.) Then and only then will I have a second take on this.


I never thought of it this way. Damn, that is disgusting. It’s not either pay for it or grind for it. You pay them and still have to grind for it…


We really are beating this horse to death

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This is a horse worth beating.
This system is really horrid and goes against even the things they claimed in the promos.

It is crucial that we do not budge and stop them from getting away with it because it will only encourage them to keep putting profit first and gamers second.

We can’t let Halo die not because it’s bad, but because it drove its players away due to greed.