Paywall of Death

-Brutal Player limitation, -almost no free content, -very slow Battle Pass progression, -challenges designed to get stuck, -content you always had in Halo but you need to buy in Infinite. Take away and sell the player back what always was standart.

We’re whitnessing a machine designed to make as much money from 1) Fans, 2) trusting/clueless people, 3) Veterans playing since Halo 3 and beyond, 4) greenhorns wanting to enter the Halo universe, 5) people not having as much time as others and 6) us, the ones who brought Halo to where it is now in return for good games.

Don’t get me wrong here, the game itself can be a lot of fun, is more fluently on my PC as I would have expexted it, the graphics are beyond insane and the overall feeling is amazingly good. But, to summon up everything I mentioned on top in one word, the “Paywall of Death” is deception to the Player, betrayal to everyone buying something except of the campaign I’m not judging here.

343i, you are exploiting human instincts and trusting people. Ice cold calculated money making is what I call it. Acting the bestowing developer handing us out Halo Infinite Multiplayer early and for free but on the other hand making more money than a full price 59,99 per Player could ever do and limiting the hell out of our Gaming experience.

What is more important 343? The Players or the money.


Free. To. Play.
You are not entitled to any extra free stuff.
Battlepass is worth it for people who want nice cosmetics and stuff but all of that is completely cosmetic.


The money is what they care about when they have players spending. But if players stop spending money…….now that’s when we will gain their attention.

We can strike as a community if we stop spending money and trust me 343 will eventually beg for our opinions.


Okay and what if you buy the game for $60?

Do we get our standard multiplayer experience that we always got?


The way halo infinite multiplayer beta is designed is predestined to fail in the mid to long terms for many reasons. To be hones I’m really not talking about “pay for skins” stuff but what the battlepass grind/farmin is doing to the matches itselfes. I really don’t know if it is 343s fault or microsofts.

The frustration is pretty big right now and I know a lot of people playing halo for years. This may be the first f2p halo multiplayer but probably the last one.


That experience is gone. I’m just saying that the only way for 343 to listen to the community is by stop giving them money. They don’t care about the players if the are banking - just look at activision.

I’m buying the campaign because I’m a hardcore halo fan but not spending a single dime in the multiplayer free to play system until I start seen some changes (if they ever come).


It’s a machine that has to fund development / servers for a decade.

Cosmetics is the least intrusive price to pay.

But they were always going to alientate part of the community with whatever facet they decided to commercialise.

Battle Pass seems to be ticking over… I think I went up 2 or 3 levels today without even paying attention. But I’m not familiar with other Battle Passes. They seem committed to changing up the

I have credits ready to spend… they just haven’t tempted them out of my wallet.

I can see why people would be frustrated… but hyperbole like “ice cold” and “exploiting” and “predatory” (other posts)… well, meh.

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A free to play game where you are able to unlock some very few things and not more is holding no one for very long. The “you don’t need to buy smth” argument is so out of context. A game with no option of progress or rewards is no good game.


No rewards in Halo 2 or CE, so they were bad games?

We have 2021, original Halo CE had a story at least and is from 2001. So, Infinite rn has a story that is how long? btw CE has Chief for the 1st time, a whole new universe to discover and Halo 2 had Chief and Arbiter. Thats a pretty cool way to start a new game. :smiley:

It was a different time, multiplayer was still new and thus that experience was enough, it’s something we will all enjoy to a degree, then want more, and they did give us more, something to work toward…but this, theres a difference between video game progression and just aggressive practices to force you to not even play the game but just check off boxes…that defeats the purpose of why we had that progression to begin with.

You have fun playing, you get rewarded for it, not rewarding someone for ignoring the objectives and doing what is best for them not the team, and those that play the game for everyone usually dont get rewarded for it, which I guess not everyone needs, but it doesnt seem like a fair system


See, I am familiar with some Battle Passes. A thing they also exploit is that out there are at least 2 kinds of Players. The ones that absolutely care not about cosmetics and the ones who love cosmetics, like me. If you don’t care, fine. But those people who do, do have a problem with it. I don’t have fun playing a game where I can unlock only a red vizor after 20 hrs of playtime. Even PUBG, which Battle Pass is the best example to show off that Battle Passes are trash, grants me more in the same time.

"But the game is free!" Actually, “the game” was clearly designed with customization, and progression/unlocks as part of the game. So we are given butchered version of the free game, and told to be content with paying for even parts of its pillar elements back?

The Pie Story
Imagine a beloved bakery declares anyone gets free pie if they come to the bakery today. You show up, you sit down, the baker greets you, then goes in the back to finish whipping you up a fresh pie- for free! Finally the baker comes out and puts a plate of hot, sweet, sticky goop: it’s the pie filling. “Where’s the crust?” you might rightfully ask. This bakery is even known for it’s robust, delicious pie crust, after all.- they even advertise it! The baker then informs you that if you want crust on your pie, you need to pay. Someone next to you has cash on them so they offer to buy the rest of their own pie slice. The baker gives them one bite’s worth of crust. You might say “If I go to my job, and give you multiple hours’ worth of my wages, may I have a slice of pie, with the full crust- not just one bite?.” The baker doesn’t even bother to say “no”; just ignores you and walks off to serve single bites of crust to those willing to pay. Suddenly you realize that this is the bakery forever now. You can never have a full pie slice again. You fear this bakery- or at least the full product of it which you once loved- is doomed, and try to utter a response. Then someone chastises you for daring to criticize “free pie”

They could sell us milk and whipped cream without witholding the crust; and still make money!


I think you missed my point. The Cake Story here is only conditionally comparable. Food is food and you can touch it. You even could survive in a serios situation. I know what you are about to tell me. But I am willing to pay stuff in Halo Infinite. Give me one argument how a common skin can cost 20,00€. It is the pricing. It would not be this cruel if the proportions where fine. I can live almost a week for 20,00€. And the skin we are talking about isn’t Master Chief, it is just usual.

Yeah, this bakery or 343i will make money this way. But to get my money or the money of a lot of other people it takes a respectful way. What I am up to tell you here, is that I want to give 343i money for good stuff. But I do not now.

The Pie Story is an analogy I used to in response to @RonaSeason2020 s point (and others with similar points) because I agree with you, and I think this is a hostile and unsustainable business practice.; withholding fundamental elements of the product with no real way to get them back.

But I also agree that actual pie filling would be worth more money than a single shade of red for a digital avatar.


I only can agree. I think its only a small part of the Halo Player base seeing and criticising this, not big enough to have an impact, that 343 doesn’t need to care about if their focus lies too much in profit. I just hope that they at least do something inbetween max profit making and saturating the Players.

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Cloud black armor set = $10
Battle Pass = $10

Not being able to change anything to the armor set by using parts from the battles pass = PRICELESS



The campaign is still full price when it normally comes with multiplayer. Multiplayer being “free” is a sham. You’re paying the same amount to get hammered with microtransactions.


There’s a fine line between necessary monetization to support the F2P model and going whale fishing.

In 343’s case, they want to catch the ocean’s worth.


Thats what I mean. Paying the “full” price gives you the core of the game in return which is in most cases under 10% of everything unlockable. Everything else you have to buy on top. Thats what a Battle Pass is all about. You pay and still need to play for it, what a disgusting method.