Pay to win banned??

3 weeks ago, ive heard a news about loot boxes could be getting banned in USA, I don’t know if this is true, but I hope pay to win microtransactions and loot boxes getting bad as they are killing the gaming industry. At least Microsoft wont fight this if this is true unlike EA and Activision’s call of duty.

I don’t know if this will affect halo infinite but chris lee already said that no paid loot boxes. I’m still worried after they confirmed it. It could affect the progression system of halo infinite, halo 3 and reach had the best progression system, I liked halo 4’s one but not as much as 3 and reach due to loadouts and perks which is a copy of cod. Halo 5 had the worst progression system in the halo franchise cuz of req packs, halo wars 2 had blitz which I didn’t like but still better than req.

I hope this leak about loot boxes and pay to win getting banned is actually true, this could be better for gamers.

A bill was introduced but nothing has happened beyond that, let’s see what happens.

If it becomes illegal, this will be better for the gaming industry

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> If it becomes illegal, this will be better for the gaming industry

It will be good for banning loot boxes if it goes through. Apart from that I’m not happy about governments interfering with games. As for the gaming industry being better for it ? Time will tell but I expect them to find other ways to milk us of cash. I don’t trust many companies that make games anymore. Sadly 343i are on my list.

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