Pay to play halo 4 glitch

Last month, there was a promo to get microsoft points in exchange for playing halo 4 multiplayer.

They have just deposited the points but there was an error. Instead of getting 300 msp, I was only given 100 msp. My friend was supposed to get 600 msp but was only given 100 msp as well. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? And yes, I know the hours count only to multiplayer.

I was under the impression they would be allocated at the end of this month, according to rewards forum.

I have yet to receive any of those points ( I am due 300 ) So perhaps wait, or just hush as they may have erred in your favour.

I have no idea when I will get them or how many I will get. I have kind of forgotten about it thinking that as it normally does, it will glitch and I wont get any points(happened with another rewards thing).

Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say it’s pending 100 msp when it should be 300msp.
And it seems it will be deposited at the end of the month. Help?

I just want to know if others are experiencing the same. It’ll help put my mind at ease ^^;