Pay-to-get depredatory system progression

I had already made a post about the battle pass errors. But this is not a coincidence, this is since the beginning of the beta, and it is possible that they will not change this because it is their way to monetize; I know it is a free game, but the free games we know have a much better way of progression than this one, not only giving you interesting cosmetics, but also money that you can use to buy another battle pass in the future. I’m afraid to say that this way of earning is much more predatory than all the free and paid games out there, even those of the infamous EA, which I have called the … factor.

PAY-TO-GET Pay and we give you the best

All the best of the customization is in the premium pass, it is understood, but the level of progression is so slow, that you even get bored playing, with no other way to progress in the game, limiting you to play only one game mode to get the most challenges, instead of playing and enjoying the game, making you frustrated, it has happened to me. Making the most impatient players pay to level up, this has not changed because it is not planned by 343 to change it; unless we do something about it.

There is no way to get credits directly in the game, so you have to directly take out your wallet and pay, what I find ironic is that the best skins are in the store at a ridiculous price, while the watchdog (which is supposed to be a unique and admirable achievement by the community) looks like another one of the pile, not to mention that they had shown it to us more impressive; making the ones that look better are obviously paid. I must point out that they are also expensive, not even the battle pass has good skins.

The fact of a slow progression system makes the game more monetizable, probably its goal

If this does not change it could result in the death of the game, perhaps not for those who pay, but for those who have accompanied the saga since its inception.
It is sad that 343 has fallen so low.